Blessing sodomites Is "Pastorally Creative"

Francis' Chief Ideologue: Blessing sodomites Is "Pastorally Creative"

No active homosexual can be deprived of "God's blessing,” Monsignore Philippe Bordeyne, 62, the president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute Against Marriage and Family, told (November 18).

The institute was founded by John Paul II to promote the family but Francis turned it into its opposite. Bordeyne admits that "blessing" homosex concubinages would be "too much" like the blessing of a matrimony but he insists that "people" can be blessed anyway. However, the problem starts when "people" want to be blessed as homosexuals, adulterers, pedophiles, racists, etc.

Bordeyne wrongly claims that “a blessing is never intended to validate a lifestyle.” A marriage blessing is exactly that.

“The fact that homosexuals ask the Church to bless them invites us to listen to them, to enter into the complexity of their story and their situation,” he takes refuge in cheap poetry. The Church blesses every homosexual after they have repented and made a good confession.

Bordeyne calls his ideology “realistic," as if the illusion of sin were real.

He whines that “not all people who cannot marry have the capacity to live alone" and asks, "Are they not entitled to the support of the Church on their journey of faith and conversion?" Reality is that many people who "have not the capacity to live alone" must do so. The homosex lifestyle is a recipe for ending up in loneliness.

Bordeyne insists that "we must dare to be pastorally creative" - as if bowing to homosexual propaganda is daring. Pastoral care that promotes sin is not "creative" but destructive.