Carte Blanche for Adultery, Homosexuality

German Novus Ordo Church Issues Carte Blanche for Adultery, Homosexuality

The German Church Tax Church has changed its labour law. Adulterers and homosexuals living in state concubinages are not dismissed and can also be hired (press release, 22 November).

The German Church Tax Church currently pays 800,000 (!) employees. The new labour unlaw has to be implemented in the dioceses. Most announced already to do so.

"Clearer than never before, diversity [= decay] in church institutions is recognised as enrichment," the bishops' hurrah statement reads:

"All employees, regardless of their tasks, their origin, their religion [except Catholic], their age, their disability, their gender, their sexual identity and their form of life, can be representatives of God's unconditional (!) love and thus of a Church that serves people."

The Novus Ordo bishops make a fool of themselves by simultaneously requiring from their employees "a positive attitude and openness to the message of the Gospel" [which forbids fornication].

Non-payment of church tax continues to be a reason not to hire or to dismiss employees.