Do not tire of stockpiling

Trevignano Romano, November 5, 2022

Cenacle in Bastia Umbra (Pg)

Dear children, thank you for being here in prayer and for responding to my call in your hearts. Beloved children, the plagues will be as many as the sins of the world, there will be earthquakes and floods and you still do not understand the warnings of heaven. 

My children, do not tire of stockpiling for I repeat to you that famine will come suddenly. 

My children, the times of trial will be heavy, but pray and raise your spirits. 

Pray for the Church. 

Beloved children, have confidence because the new time is not far away, it will be a time of love, of peace where there will be no pain, but only joy and finally you will work only for the good. 

I leave you now with my motherly blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.