Francis De Facto Sacks Providence Bishop

Coadjutor: Francis De Facto Sacks Providence Bishop

In a surprise move, Francis appointed Rockville Centre Auxiliary Bishop Richard Henning, 58, as Coadjutor Bishop to Bishop Thomas Tobin, 74, of Providence, Rhode Island.

A coadjutor automatically succeeds once the resignation of the diocesan bishop is accepted, therefore appointing a coadjutor turns a diocesan bishop into a lame duck. Tobin will turn 75 in April. He is one of the best bishops in the US.

In August he challenged the rigidity of Francis' Traditionis Custodes. In December 2020, he questioned the Vatican's decision to "allow" bishops to prohibit the reception of Holy Communion because of Covid.

In October 2020, he criticised Francis' disordered love for homosex. In June 2019, he was threatened by violent homosexualists.

In February 2019, Tobin thanked Cardinal Müller for reaffirming the Catholic Faith. In March 2019 he raised questions about Amoris Laetitia.

Now, Synodality Francis took vengeance on him.