Francis Orders "Visitation" Of Spanish Seminaries

The Congregation for the Clergy will carry out an Apostolic Visitation in all 45 diocesan seminaries in Spain between January and February 2023, the bishops announced on 6 November. quotes an anonymous Spanish rector who believes the visitation will end "with the imposition of a process of 'psychologisation' on seminarians", making it difficult to persevere and confusing seminarians about the priestly identity.
One wonders how so many seminaries can be "visited" in such a short time, unless the results of the visitation are predetermined. The "visitators" are two Uruguayan bishops, Milton Tróccoli, 58, and Arturo Fajardo, 61, both former rectors of the inter-diocesan Cristo Rey Seminary in Montevideo. (8 Nov) reports that Spanish bishops and seminary rectors were surprised by the announcement. The matter was allegedly cooked up by Francis' grey eminence in Spain, Father Germán Arana Beorlegui SJ, and Barcelona's Cardinal Juan José Omella.

It is likely that the scheme is directed against the flourishing Redemptoris Mater Seminary of the Neocatechumenal Way in Madrid.