Francis propagates a nebulous gnosis

Many people around the world disagree with Francis' ideological position, especially his ecological globalism, writes Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata, Héctor Aguer (, 12 November).

He calls Francis' Laudato si and Fratelli tutti "novel texts adapted to the globalist movement" and explains that Francis' ecclesial narrative is part of "a new secular religion". This is why churches are chosen as meeting spaces for ecological events, in order to "desacralise" them.

Arguer notes a distance between Francis' theories and Christ's command to the apostles, calling this "the main problem revealed in the painful rift opened in the Church by the official departure from the great and unanimous tradition."

Those who do not follow Francis' ideology and prefer a unified continuity with correct doctrine are "despised" and called retrograde - but they are "not few".

Thus, fidelity to the faith is in contrast to Francis' ideology, which propagates a "nebulous gnosis" that demands "a march forward".