German Bishops Recommend Pornography to Priests

German church wants to delete the 6th Commandment of the Decalogue

It "cannot be denied" that the consumption of pornography can have a "relieving effect" on celibate people.

Father Hermann Backhaus, a "psychologist," was invited by (15 November), the official website of the German bishops, to say this. Backhaus works at Centro, a psychological institution of Münster Diocese, Germany.

For Backhaus, there is only a problem when pornography consumption becomes "an addiction". Then it robs those affected of their sleep at night in their search for satisfaction and determines their lives "with negative consequences".

He considers pornography to be something that is normal in "our" [= his] society. Against the objection that the Church's moral teaching condemns pornography, Backhaus says that he is taking "life" and "reality" as his starting point.

Yet those who are stuck in pornography don't know what life and reality is since they vegetate in the shadow of death and in the illusion of a disgusting fantasy world (CCC 2354).