I will make you notice the miracle in the miracle -Valtorta

Says Jesus:

"Well, let us look together at two miracles from the Gospel. But, since I am God and speak with divine intelligence, I will not expound the miracles to you as they are usually expounded, but I will make you notice the miracle in the miracle.

We begin with the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. My priests continually preach the power of God who satisfies the multitudes by multiplying the little food. Beautiful and sweet miracle. But for a God who has multiplied the suns in the firmament, what does the multiplication of a few crumbs of bread mean? I, Christ, the Word of the Father, teach you another miracle in the miracle. A miracle that you too can perform when you know how to attain the power that is required.

How do I obtain this miracle, just by touching the loaves and breaking them with my hands of God? No. The Gospel says: "... and he gave thanks". Here is the miracle of the miracle. I, Son of the Father, I, Omnipotent like the Father, I, Creator with the Father, give thanks. I pray to the Father, I humble myself with an act of submission and trust. I do not believe myself dispensed from the duty of asking the Eternal Father, who has the duty to help his children, but who also has the right to be recognized as supreme Lord of Heaven and Earth.

I: God like Him, I remember this right and I fulfill this duty and I teach it to you. And with the duty of respect, the duty of trust. The miracle of the multiplication of the bread takes place after I have given thanks to the Father. And you?

The other miracle. Peter's boat, buffeted by contrary winds, was flooded with water and capsized. And my disciples, in great fear for their lives, were working hard to straighten the rudder, to tie the sails, to throw overboard the water, the ballast, ready to throw the baskets of fish and the nets, in order to lighten the boat and reach the shore.

The squalls on the lake were frequent and unforeseen, and it was no joke. Many times I had helped them. But that day I was not there. I was not materially with them. But my love was with them because I am always with those who love me. And the disciples were afraid. But - here is the miracle - without being called, without being present, I came to put peace on the waters and peace in the souls.

My goodness is a continuous miracle, daughter, a miracle about which you think too little. When this evangelical point is presented to you, you are made aware of the power of faith. But my goodness, which anticipates even your needs as disciples and which comes out to meet you walking on the waters of the storm, why do you not see it?

My Goodness is greater than the Universe, than Necessity and than Pain; it is more vigilant than all human intelligence. My Goodness is rooted in the paternal love of God, why do you not come to it, why do you not believe it blindly, why do you not take from its infinitude?

I am with you until the end of time. I am the Spirit of God made flesh. I know the needs of the flesh, I know the needs of the spirit and I have the power of God to help your needs, as I have the love that induces me to help them. Because I am One with the Father and with the Spirit, with the Father from whom I came and with the Spirit through whom I took flesh, from the Father I have Power and from the Spirit I have Charity."

July 25, Valtorta Notebooks 1943