Italy will be ravaged by the assailants! —Carbonia

These are the hours most awaited by my faithful ones.

Beloved children, it is a time of great conversion, do not wait for the disaster to bury you! Pray, my children, pray. Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Earth is already rebelling strongly; the splits will appear one after the other: it will be terrible for those who have not turned to God Love in search of His help.

Italy will be devastated by looters, by those who will disembark en masse to carry out the satanic act that has already been well thought out for centuries.

The act of vandalism in the earthly Church is consummated, the traitors have planted their black flag.

Satan feasts on the altars, human sacrifices are also offered to him.

My eyes can no longer look upon this massacre: my Heart is torn to pieces, my Blood already bathes the whole Earth!

Rome will see its destruction.

It will happen very soon, so soon that many will not have time to reflect!

A thunderbolt will descend from heaven and will aim at the Vatican: its foundations will give way, the traitors will be buried in the rubble.

The sound of the shofar will be heard all over the earth, the impostors will not stand a chance. 

Mary Most Holy is gathering her earthly army, the Little Remnant, to prepare them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to follow her in the final challenge.

St. Michael the Archangel is at her side, along with St. Peter, and, with Benedict XVI the Pope, they will herald the Cross in heaven. ... And behold, He is coming!

Blessed are the people of God! The gates of the new time, of the new history will open for them, in absolute fidelity they will follow God the Creator and walk with Him.

... New heavens and a new earth!

1)Shofar (horn). Hebrew idiom, equivalent to 'day of atonement', indicating the occasion of the Kippūr and the rite itself. It is the holiest and most solemn Jewish day of the year. For 24 hours during which a complete fast is observed, penance is done for offenses committed and reconciliation is sought. It is called "Yom Kippur" the "Day of Atonement."