Jesus comes to visit us in Communion


The Gospel of the Mass reminds us of the glorious coming of Christ at the end of time: Men will be breathless with fear and anxiety at what is coming upon the world, for the powers of heaven will tremble. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud, with great power and glory, Now, in Communion, the Son of Man himself comes into our hearts to strengthen us and fill us with peace. He comes as the long-awaited Friend. And we must receive him as his closest friends did: with the attention of Mary of Bethany, with the joy with which Zacchaeus welcomed him into his home.... "It seems that this is the right thing to do: if you receive a friend, a guest, at home, you attend to him, that is to say, you give him conversation, you accompany him. You do not leave him in the visiting room or in any other place in the house, with the newspaper, to keep him waiting until it is convenient for us to attend to him. It would certainly be very bad manners. And if the person who visits us is of such a great category, that the mere fact of coming to our house supposes an honor far above our condition and merits, then the inattention would not be a lack of education, but unspeakable rudeness "12. We must treat Jesus well, who so desires to visit us in our poor house. "And His Majesty does not usually pay the inn badly, if he gives him good lodging "13. It is a good occasion to unite ourselves to all Creation to praise and give thanks to the Creator who, humbly, stays sacramentally in our hearts for those few minutes.

The Church, always a good Mother, has recommended to her children those prayers that have nourished the piety of so many Christians to help us, especially when we feel poor in words to address Jesus: the Hymn Adoro te devote, the Trium puerorum, the Prayer to Jesus Crucified, the Invocations to the Most Holy Redeemer? If we try to have a devotional book (when possible) or a Missal of the Faithful at hand when we go to Communion, we will have a good help to take advantage of this time that will have a great influence throughout the day. Many times, the day depends on those minutes close to Jesus in the Sacrament of the Blessed Sacrament.

Let us not fail to put all the means at our disposal to improve our dispositions before and after Communion. Any effort we make is always greatly rewarded. "When you receive the Lord in the Eucharist, thank him with all the truth of your soul for his goodness in being with you.

"Have you not stopped to consider that centuries and centuries passed before the Messiah came? The patriarchs and the prophets asking, with all the people of Israel: the earth thirsts, Lord, that you come!

"-Would that your waiting for love were so."