My Church Does not want to recognize Me

My Return now contemplates the same story: My Church does not want to recognize me, just as the doctors of the Temple did not recognize me. 

Carbonia, September 02, 2008

Jesus in love with his handmaid 

Jesus, today, manifests his Return to the world, the time has come, Christ must triumph, his intervention will cause a stir, for no one expects it, least of all his Church. My dear children, My Return will come to you by surprise, it will catch you unawares, and you will be disoriented because you have not wanted to recognize Me in the world, through My seers. You have not wanted to recognize My Word and you have deceived yourselves thinking that the time of My Return would still be far away.   I am coming back, oh children, and I am coming back in glory. My Sun shall illuminate the world and the Light shall shine upon the world. This My Return is to be, the hour has come, the time when I will stop and all will begin again. The old story will end and the new one will begin. Why, do you not repent at least now that Jesus urges you? What do you want to see, oh children? The time is now, "I speak to you of my return NOW and not tomorrow".

- Why not pay a little attention to this saying of mine?

- What prevents you from paying a little attention to My Words? 

- You want to be taken by surprise, ...and this will happen, but it will be too late, because, whoever has not wanted to recognize Me, I will not recognize him either. My Return will be like "lightning in a clear sky" and all that I have dictated to My seers will happen. Your pride is going back to the past, oh children ... when I came under the guise of a "humble King", a King full of love, a King who promised love and peace, happiness and comfort, but this was not believed then, nor is it recognized today in this My Return which marks the time of My Second Coming in Glory. Then I preached among you, O My people! I was in your midst and I clothed your human garments. The Eternal GOD of infinite Love, clothed Himself in Humanity and lived in the Flesh the earthly life with His people, manifesting His Divinity, so that His people would recognize Him. But all was in vain because the envy and jealousy that dwelled in your hearts overcame Love.

Darkness ravaged your hearts and hatred and horror, power and luxury reigned. The lust for power was in you, oh priests of the Temple, you, who should have recognized the GOD made Man, but in you reigned hatred and fear of being evicted from your throne of earthly power, and so you decided to "Kill Me"... and so you marked your lives in the misery of evil, you chose to follow that god who reigned in you, and you let yourselves be seduced by Satan! The Son of Man was crucified, condemned to death, so that no trace of Him would remain, His name erased from history! "This, for you, was meant to be!" you had not wanted to recognize Me as the True God, and you condemned yourselves.

My Return, now, contemplates the same story: My Church does not want to recognize Me, just as the doctors of the Temple did not recognize Me. What misery reigns in you, oh children! I am coming back to be glorified, I am not coming back to be crucified, the crucified now will be you, yes, you who do not want to recognize Me and put on chains. You are choosing Satan "again", you are choosing evil, and you are killing the Good, but this time it will be ME who will be glorified and you crucified! He who is the cause of your evil, let him weep for himself. I have spoken and you have not wanted to listen to me, you have set yourselves up as gods in my Church and you cannot recognize the One who will remove you from the thrones you have raised behind his Holy Name.

Charity and love will reign and never again will there be unfaithful men, I will reign forever!

                                                                                         Jesus the Nazarene.