My Mother is always watching over you

My Holy Mother is with you attentive to your requests and problems.

My children, it is Jesus of Nazareth who speaks to you, your Redeemer and Master. How many of you have wished to live during the times of My earthly life, to follow Me, and I would have wanted it to be so. But time has not allowed it to be so because the times follow one another in years and cycles and each soul has to live in a certain stage; although, children, for Me all time is present. I, Jesus, speak to you.

It does not matter, My dear ones, that you are two thousand centuries away from My Birth; it does not matter, because I see you all from the beginning of Humanity to the end and I see you in the present, that is why I tell you, he who would have liked to follow Me in My apostolic pilgrimages, let him come mystically and join them, because I will look upon him with love. He who would have liked to join the little shepherds to adore Me, let him do it spiritually, for I will keep him in mind. He who would have wanted to console Me in Gethsemane, keeping vigil for an hour with Me, let him do so before the Tabernacle and unite spiritually to that terrible hour of Gethsemane and accompany Me, because although for you everything will be spiritually, for Me it will be as if you were truly at My side. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Not all of you were able to live in My earthly life and certainly many of you would have been great saints by following Me; but, children, do as I tell you and accompany Me in all My steps from your time and thus you will console Me from so much filth that is in the world and from how ignored and attacked I am for being the Son of the Most High God, that many do not want anything with Me and attack and hate Me as if I had done them any harm. I, Jesus, speak to you.

My Holy Mother is with all of you, attentive to your petitions, your tears and problems. She does not speak to you with your language because you must live by faith and believe that it is so, but She is very sensitive to your sufferings and embraces you also mystically and is eager to receive many of you in the heavenly abodes, where you will see clearly without the blindfold of faith, what She was for you in your life and how on many occasions She solved problems that you did not know how to see that it was Her Holy Hand that did it. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Join Us, passing the frontiers of time, it does not matter if you are two thousand years away, for Heaven there is neither space nor time, everything is present, and if you want to live with Me, I am speaking to you, Jesus. Holy Mother the Mystery of My Birth, She will thank you for it. I, Jesus, your Divine Brother, speak to you and instruct you. Peace to all who read this Message and put it into practice.

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