Nanotech Assembly Inside Covid-19 Vaccine Filmed In Real Time – Dr. David Nixon

Dr. Nixon's observations are that the micro-circuitry itself does not self-assemble. Rather, the assembly is dependent upon helper nano-bots, which he states is technology far more advanced than anything known to date. The purpose is obviously to interact with radio frequency for reasons both known and unknown. But the horror here is that in the normal state it is invisible -- information waiting to be activated and assembled -- so one could assume that if if passes the blood/brain barrier it could assemble just as easily in the brain.

It's creating an artificial neural network within the human body to connect it to the internet of things. The graphene combines with the excess iron in the body (most food was iron fortified after WW2) to create this operating system which then grows/self assembles within the body from the electromagnetic frequencies put off by the death towers. Like Yoval Noah Harari said "Humans are now hackable animals" and many other transhumanists boast of this. It's not just in the injections, it's also being added to all the food, water, clothes, hygiene products you name it and it's in there, not to mention they are spraying the skies to ensure this technology gets inside every human body which is why it is important to be detoxing this from our bodies as much as possible.