Navajo dance at St. Joseph's Church in Seattle

Going with the tide of "inculturation" and fostering Tribalism, the performance of a Navajo-inspired dance took place at the Sunday Mass on November 6, 2022 at St. Joseph's Church in Seattle. 

Betsey Beckman and Freya Cecceti danced to a song adapted from a Navajo-Diné prayer. They waved eagle wings to bring "good spirits" to the altar and the congregation. 

In the Navajo culture the eagle is often associated with the Thunderbird – a powerful deity that commands the skies, rains, lightning bolts and thunder. 

So, we have another case of introducing idolatrous beliefs and practices into the Mass, which is one of Vatican II's directives, followed radically by Pope Francis and the Amazonia Synod. There, a new Amazonia Rite was approved and an agenda was adopted that aims to have Tribalism change the face of the Catholic Church. 

Tradition in Action