New Age woman saved from suicide by the litany of the Saints

Expert on demonology, Adam Blai does the rounds of paranormal conferences where he delivers lectures on exorcism. He is often talking to rooms of people hungry for contact with the spirit world and Blai has been charitable enough to warn his audience against ghost-hunting. One time he met Molly, a woman with a small measure of fame. Molly was known for using "divining rods" which she used to find and communicate with spirits. 

When Molly met Adam Blai, she did not like him, she seemed slighted by his stance on ghost-hunting. Little did she know he'd help save her life! And when she was in trouble, she reached out to him. After years of using the rods, Molly was being instructed by demons that she did not need to use the rods anymore, that she could just make an act of her will in their favor and she could converse with them freely. She made the dire mistake of saying yes. And her life deteriorated. 

A voice invaded her mind, and it didn't stop talking and telling her what to do. Then she felt something like currents of electricity pulsating through her body. As a remedy, she entered more fully into New Age practices, but this only made her worse and she was then feeling a pressure to commit suicide. A demon was bossing her; that if she died by her own hand that things would be so much better, because released from her body, she would be one of them, a spirit, too. She became obsessed with her death. 

When she divulged all this to Adam Blai, he drove to be with her. When he arrived she told him that the demon had been pushing her to kill herself while he, Blai was en route. Molly saw the demon's total hate for Blai, and this was in itself enlightening as to the demonic's total disdain for a holy person who seeks to free someone from their clutches. Blai came into her home and he offered the Litany of the Saints for her. During the second time he offered this precious litany, the demon left Molly and she was free from her suicidal ideation and she decided to become a Christian and dedicate her life to offering thanks to Him who saved her. 

I was blown away by this account, which I hold as miraculous, because Molly was saved from death by self-destruction. The demon that was driving her early death was driven out by the Litany of the Saints. 

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Adam Blai for making known the efficacy of the Litany of the Saints. When I read the accounts in his new book of the extraordinary (and miraculous) graces that come as a result of praying the Litany of the Saints, I was moved to offer it myself, and it has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am trying to finish a book on Padre Pio, and because I've been offering the Litany of the Saints, whole chapters have gotten done and are ready for the printing press.

I write frequently about prayer, and sure, I knew that Padre Pio offered the Litany of the Saints everyday with the other friars when they gathered in the choir. But I used feel that individual litanies that centre on one saint are better because they give one particular saint the honor they deserve for all the aspects of their life that made them holy. It was a case of learning (and I can be slow) that it need not be one or the other. I can offer individual litanies such as the Litany to St Joseph as well as the Litany of the Saints

The beautiful thing about the Litany to the Saints is that you may also be asking the prayers of saints who are unknown and uncanonized. For example, when you call on "all priests", you may be asking the prayers of a priest who was an unsung hero whose name and history is not available. My plea to you is to consider offering the Litany of the Saints on a daily basis. The Litany of the Saints may be offered all year round, and it would be a crying shame if it were only offered on November 1st. 


This post was informed by Adam Blai's latest book - The Exorcism Files - it is a fantastic book. The classic painting of the heavenly court was executed by Fra Angelico.