Only in the creature in whom My Divine Will Reigns

November 4, 1935 – One who Lives in the Divine Will possesses her Jesus in a Perennial way, and He repeats the Miracle of Receiving Himself that He Operated in Instituting the Most Holy Sacrament.

My abandonment continues in the Divine Volition, but however more I walk in Its Sea, so much more I feel the need of Its Life in order to continue to Live. And having received Holy Communion, I felt the need of Loving Him. But my poor nothing did not have sufficient Love in order to Love Him who Loves me so much, my love was so scarce that I felt shame before the Love of Jesus who had so much of it that the limits could not be seen, and yet I wanted to Love Him.

And my beloved Jesus, giving me courage, told me: “My blessed daughter, do not become discouraged. For one who Lives in my Will, the nothing is held in the All, and wanting to Love Me she Loves Me with My own Love. I find in her My Powerful, Wise, Attractive, Immense Love, in a way that this nothing of the creature takes Me from all sides, and I feel bound by her Love, that it is My own Love, in a way that I cannot escape her. And now she wounds Me, now she darts Me even to making Me faint, and I feel the need of resting in the arms of her Love.

“But this is not everything. One who Lives in My Will possesses her Jesus in a Perennial way, because It has the virtue of forming, growing, and nourishing My Life in the creature. And receiving Me in the Sacrament, I find another Jesus, that is Myself, who Loves Me, adores Me, thanks Me, and repairs Me. I can say that I repeat the Great Miracle that I did in Instituting the Sacrament of the Eucharist: that I Communicated Myself. That is, your Jesus Received Jesus. It was the Greatest Honor, the most Complete Satisfaction, the exchange of Heroism of My Love, to Receive Myself.

Nothing was lacking to Me of everything that was owed to Me for My Sacramental Life. A God on a par with the same God. I could say that what I Gave was Re-Given to Me.

“Now, for one who Lives in My Will, not possessing her Jesus is impossible. Therefore receiving Me in the Sacrament I can say: ‘I go to find Myself in the creature,’ and I find what I want – My Life that uniting us together forms one alone. I find My Royal Palace, I find the Love that always Loves Me, I find the compensation for the Great Sacrifice of everything that I do and suffer in My Sacramental Life. My Excessive Love brings Me with an Irresistible Strength to repeat the Miracle of Receiving Myself, but it is given to Me to do it only in the creature in whom My Divine Will Reigns.”

Vol 33. Luisa Piccarreta