Preparation and thanksgiving of the Mass

The whole of life, but especially the moments after Communion, is a time of joy and praise to God. To give thanks to the Lord we can unite ourselves interiorly to all creatures who, each according to his or her being, manifest their joy to the Lord. We must sing from now on," comments St. Augustine, "because the praise of God will make us happy for eternity, and no one would be fit for this future occupation if he did not exercise himself in praising in the conditions of the present life. Let us sing Alleluia, saying to one another: Praise the Lord; and thus prepare ourselves for the time of praise that will follow the resurrection". Praise the Lord...! We join with all beings on earth, and with the saints and "the angels and the archangels, and with all the heavenly choirs we sing without ceasing the hymn of your glory .....

I adore you with devotion, hidden God, we say to Jesus in the intimacy of our heart after having received communion. At such moments we must restrain our impatience and remain recollected with God who visits us. There is nothing in the world more important than giving this Guest the honor and attention he deserves. If we are generous with the Lord and take care of those ten minutes in his company, a time will come - perhaps it has already arrived - when we will wait impatiently for Holy Mass and the moment of Communion. Souls of all times who have been close to God have waited impatiently for that ineffable moment when we are so close to God. So it was with St. Josemaría Escrivá: in the morning he would give thanks for the Mass he had celebrated, and in the evening he would prepare for the next day's Mass. And such was his love that even during the night, when his sleep was interrupted, his thoughts turned to the Mass he was going to celebrate the following day and, with his thoughts, his desire to glorify God through that unique Sacrifice. In this way, the work and mortifications, the ejaculations and spiritual communions, the details of charity, were directed as a preparation or as a gift in thanksgiving.

Let us examine today with what love we go to Holy Mass, where we offer God the supreme praise, and with what attention and care we take of those minutes we spend with Him. It is a courtesy that we should never neglect.