Spiritual direction

Jesus, Lord of all things, could heal the sick - he could work any miracle - in any way he saw fit. Some he healed with a single phrase, with a simple gesture, at a distance.... Others in stages, like the blind man Saint John tells us about.... Today it is very frequent that he gives light to souls through others. When the Magi were left in darkness when the star that had guided them from such a distant place disappeared, they did what common sense dictated to them: they questioned the one who should have known where the King of the Jews had been born. They ask Herod. "But we Christians have no need to ask Herod or the wise men of the earth. Christ has given his Church the security of doctrine, the stream of grace of the Sacraments; and he has arranged that there should be persons to guide, to lead, to bring constantly to mind the way (...). Therefore, if the Lord allows us to remain in the dark, even in small things; if we feel that our faith is not firm, let us go to the good shepherd (...), to the one who, giving his life for others, wants to be, in word and in conduct, a soul in love: a sinner perhaps too, but one who trusts always in the forgiveness and mercy of Christ".

No one, ordinarily, can guide himself without extraordinary help from God. The lack of objectivity with which we see ourselves, the passions... make it difficult, perhaps impossible, to find those paths, sometimes small but sure, that lead us in the right direction. For this reason, from very ancient times, the Church, always Mother, advised that great means of interior progress which is spiritual direction (to discern a confessor well in times of apostasy and confusion). Let us not expect extraordinary graces, in ordinary days and in those in which we most need light and clarity, if we do not want to use those means that the Lord has placed within our reach. How often Jesus waits for the sincerity and docility of the soul to work the miracle! The Lord never denies his grace if we go to him in prayer and in the means by which he pours out his graces.

St. Teresa, with the humility of the saints, wrote: "Our prayer for those who give us light should be very continuous. What would we be without them in the midst of such great storms as the Church is now experiencing? And St. John of the Cross likewise pointed out: "He who wants to be alone, without support and guidance, will be like the tree that is alone and without owner in the field, which, no matter how much fruit it has, will be picked by the travellers and will not reach the right time.

"The tree cultivated and kept with the good care of its owner, bears fruit in the time expected of it.

"The soul alone without a master, which has virtue, is like a burning coal that is alone; it will grow cold rather than light up".

Let us not cease to turn to the Lord, with a more intense prayer the greater the greater the interior or external obstacles that try to prevent us from turning to Jesus who passes by our side. Let us not fail to have recourse to those normal means by which He works such great miracles.