That is why I intervene with the Warning

Carbonia, July 22, 2020

This fall there will be a new cursed virus created by men!

Thus says the Lord: This wicked generation will be punished with fire.

My power will be great and all men will be judged by me. All will pass through the crucible of purification to be admitted into another dimension.

The wicked man will perish, only the redeemed will have the opportunity to enter the new life.

Tremble, O all you who do not love me, you who mock me, for behold, the hour of the great purification is coming for you. The man who does not remake himself will perish.

I do not want the death of My children, that is why I intervene with the Warning, to give man the last chance before the great tribulation.

I call my people to me. Answer me my people, answer me now because God's plan is underway. Now everyone will tremble, thunderbolts will come down from heaven, ... it is God's punishment for the traitors!

This fall there will be a high mortality of men because of a new cursed virus created by the Devil's men to destroy Humanity.

The rod I hold in my hand will be heavy for those who have imposed this curse, my arm will whip with all my power so that mankind will understand that there is only one God, the one and only true God, the One who created everything from nothing and who will destroy everything that does not belong to Him.

The darkness advances inexorably without hesitation, man has been poisoned to the will of Satan, and before him he bows and yields.

God is in his Enough, life on this Planet has become unlivable, I will punish man for his iniquity.

Get ready, oh man, the time has come for our encounter....