The animals already sense the great doom that is coming

Carbonia 14.11.2022 

Rise up, my children, point your eyes towards Heaven.

Man is walking towards the abyss; his foot is staggering; his soul has blackened, he looks more and more like the one who has chosen to follow in my place.

In the jungle the desperate cry of nature is clearly heard,

the animals already sense the great doom that is coming.

Man has not yet understood that this world is at its end, that every situation will soon come to an end and that death will seize the hearts of godless men.

I want my people, I want to save them! Put yourselves in a state of salvation, oh men.

My Heart suffers the many spears of traitors, I cry out my Passion, I constantly feel the blows of the whips on my Body and the hammer striking the nails in my Flesh, ... I am still tied to a post by the wickedness of men.

Satan has succeeded in taking possession of many souls, he has made them cruel, devoid of good, they dedicate themselves to sin, hell is their abode.

This Humanity is at a crossroads, its sarcasm will soon disappear, ... the Light of the world is about to manifest itself to mankind.

Soon the heavens will light up with a light unknown to mankind, luminous emissions towards the Earth, and angelic songs will be heard, and the ringing of horses' hooves and their winning neigh. It is the Army of God, St. Michael the Archangel leads it together with the Savior. The horsemen, mounted on white horses, are dressed in white robes and acclaim the Lord, the King of kings.

The colors of nature will have unknown hues; the fragrance of God will hover among men and their hearts will vibrate with love; souls will be opened, men will see the Most High.

It is a time of new and good things in God for his children, but of weeping and gnashing of teeth for the traitors.

My Church! My unfaithful Church!

My priests and you are no longer mine by your own choice, Truly I tell you: ...

The hour of your great passion has come;

Strip yourselves of your ego and turn quickly to Me before My arm strikes you, do not be foolish.

Call My people to Truth and ask their forgiveness for having offended Me so blatantly.

Prostrate yourselves before Me, anointed of the Lord, put on your cassocks,

profess your BELIEF in Me.

Awaken my children, the night is entering into darkness, darkness already envelopes many hearts, the sound of the chains of the dark ones will be upon you if you do not repent now.

The storm begins, wake up from your sleep, renounce Satan, abandon your comfortable seats.

Greece will suffer a great tidal wave.

France will burn!

Italy will be devastated by earthquakes.

The time of old things will end to give way to the new things that are about to enter with me.

Farewell to all the miserable traitors! Farewell to those who have not listened to my voice and have lost themselves in the dark wilderness to serve the accursed Dragon.

Arise my children, point your eyes to the sky, a cloud of fire is about to strike the Earth.

Pray! Commune with Me, put on sackcloth and sprinkle your heads with ashes.