The relationship between a soul and God

Jesus says:

"I speak to you for all, to explain the relations of love between God and the soul.

It is not in vain that I am called the "bridegroom" of your souls. I have betrothed you with a rite of sorrow

and I have given you my Blood as a dowry, because you yourselves are so poor that you would have been a dishonor to the dwelling of the King. Into my Father's Kingdom enter only those who have stripped themselves of every garment. I have woven you the wedding garment and dyed it with divine purple to make it even more beautiful in the eyes of my Father; I have crowned you with my wedding crown, for he who reigns wears a crown, and I have given you my scepter.

Truly I would have wished to give it to all souls, but countless are those who have despised my gift. They have preferred the garments, crowns and scepters of the earth, whose duration is so relative and whose efficacy is nothing compared to the laws of the spirit.

Honors, riches, glories, I do not curse them. I only say that they are not ends in themselves, but are means to conquer the true end: eternal life. If your mission as men entrusts them to you, you must use them, with a heart and mind full of God, making these unjust riches a motive of victory, not of destruction.

To be poor in spirit, to gain heaven with unrighteous mammon: these are two phrases that you do not understand very well.

Poor in spirit means not to be attached to what is earthly; it means to be free and detached from whatever is pompous clothing, like humble pilgrims on their way to the goal, enjoying the help that Providence gives them. But not to enjoy them with pride and avarice, but rather like the birds of the air that contentedly peck at the little grains that their Creator scatters for their little bodies and then sing with gratitude, so grateful are they for the feathery garment that protects them and seek no more, and do not become bitter in anger if one day food is scarce and the water of the sky wets their nests and feathers, but wait patiently for the One who cannot abandon them.

Poor in spirit means to live where God has placed you, but with a mind detached from the things of the earth and concerned only with conquering Heaven.

How many kings, how many powerful in the riches of the earth were "poor in spirit" and conquered Heaven using force to tame the human that stirred in them towards ephemeral glories, and how many poor of the earth are not such because, even though they do not possess riches, they have longed for them with envy, and have often killed the spirit by selling themselves to Satan for a purse of money, for a garment of power, for a table always laden with everything that serves to form food for the worms of the corruption of the grave!

To gain Heaven with unrighteous riches means to exercise every form of charity in the glories of earth. Matthew, the publican, from the unrighteous mammon he knew how to make a ladder to go up to Heaven. Mary, the sinner, renouncing the arts with which she made her flesh more seductive and using them for the poor of Christ, beginning with Christ himself, knew how to sanctify those riches of sin. Throughout the centuries, Christians, many in number and very few compared to the multitude, have known how to make their weapon of holiness out of wealth and power. They are the ones who have understood me, but they are so few!

My garment, the garment that I give you, is the one that I have impregnated with my Blood during the spiritual, moral and physical agony that goes from Gethsemane to Golgotha. My crown is the crown of thorns and my scepter is the cross.

But who wants these jewels of Christ? Only my true lovers. And these I betroth with a rite of high charity. When the time of earth is ended, I will come resplendent for each of my lovers, in order to introduce them into glory.

I will come, Mary, I will come. For now is the time of reciprocal desire. For, as much as I may be close to you, even sensibly, I am always like the lover who circles around the walls that prevent him from reaching the beloved. Your spirit peers through every crevice to see me and utters its cry of love. But the flesh holds it prisoner. And even if I enter forcing the flesh, because I am the Owner of the miracle, they are always fleeting and relative contacts.

I cannot take you with me. It would kill your flesh, and that still has a today and a tomorrow of profit for my sake. All your work has not yet been accomplished, and I alone know when I will stop the passing of your earthly hour, and then I will come.

And then I will come, O soul who desires to leave the hostile earth, how beautiful Heaven will seem to you, and how fiery the embraces of Love will seem to you, compared to the present ones!

You say that you have ceased to be anxious about the adversities which, in these times of misfortune, could have troubled the last days of your mother, and this puts a vein of peace in your suffering as an orphan. Think when you will be able to say to yourself that all anxiety and all danger have ceased and nothing will be able to separate you from your mother. 

 Think when you will be able to tell yourself that all anxiety and danger has ceased and nothing will be able to separate you from your Lord!

Love beyond your strength, because I have loved you and I love you beyond measure.

My Charity has washed you and clothed you so as not to see your nakedness on which there were many shadows of human dust. My Charity has predisposed everything for your immortal good.

In the eyes of the world it may seem that I have laid my hand upon you. But the world is a fool that does not know how to see supernatural truths.

You have always been loved by Me with a love of predilection. I have watched and watched over you like the gardener who has created a new flower from a coarse bush hitherto lacking a corolla, and is jealous as with a treasure. You have told me that I have a jealous arrogance. This is what I do with the favored ones whom I reserve only for Myself.

And if I have made a desert around you, it is because I wanted to put you in such a condition that you have no other place of attraction than Heaven. There, in the other life, is everything you loved with so much human strength. You have nothing left on earth and you are like a prisoner bird looking at the sky, where his companions are free and happy, through the bars of the cage, and they are next to the little door waiting for it to open so that they can take flight.

I will come, rest assured. The nostalgia of now also serves to adorn your tiara. Be constant and patient. Rest without anxiety on the love of your Jesus like a child who knows that his mother is near. He does not lose sight of you, he does not leave you, he does not forget you. He desires, even more than you, to pronounce the word that frees the spirit and introduces it into the Kingdom. After so much ice, after so much nakedness, after so much weeping, I will come to give you my Sun, to clothe you with eternal flowers, to wipe away all your tears.

You who have had a vision of the Light that fills the Heavens, think what it will be like to enter it, by the hand of your King. Think what it will be like when you possess the Light, if a barely half-opened ray of light upon that Kingdom of Light and barely glimpsed remains in you as a memory that fills you with joy. Then, without the limitations of now, I will live in you and you in Me, and like the bride in the Song you will be able to say that your Jesus is yours and you are His.

For now call me with all your affection. It does not matter that I am near. I like to hear myself called and the more I am called the sooner I come, because I do not know how to resist the voice of love.

I will come before the evening of age falls. I will not return, for it was you who returned to Me, not I to you, for I have never left you. I will come. I was there, like a poor man in the shade, waiting for you to give Me your heart, to open the door and make Me come into you as King and Bridegroom. Then I will come. I will come for the betrothal. The time of the mortal courtship is about to end and the rite of the eternal wedding is about to begin.

I still have to give you a few touches, my vineyard, to beautify you completely before my eyes. Do not whine if the pruning shears hurt you. When it is time to prune is the sign that it is spring. And I will come in the time of spring because it is the time of love. The soul enters into springtime when the mortal winter ceases for her and joy begins in the garden of God.

140 Mary Magdalene

Valtorta Notebooks 1943