There will be food shortages


Trevignano Romano, November 3, 2022

My children, thank you for being here and for responding to my call in your hearts. My children, my tears flow for those who do not heed my call.

I weep for those who blaspheme and for priests who are not faithful to God. 

I weep for those who, despite the signs of the times, are bound to the false lights of the world. My children, I beg you to be converted, the times will be difficult. 

Pray that your Father may be merciful. There will be famine in the world and there will be food shortages. My children, provide for yourselves and for your brothers. The hearts of men are becoming harder and harder and this is how Satan will lead them into the abyss. 

My children, call upon me in your time of suffering and I will be with you. Call upon my Son Jesus and He will change suffering into peace and sadness into joy. 

Be firm in faith, many do not know God and do not want to know Him, yet He is Father and does not want to lose you. 

My children, follow the path of holiness, read the Gospel and the Word and there you will find everything you need. Love one another as God has loved you.

Now I leave you with my motherly blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.