This comet! is the announcement of my imminent return! —Carbonia


22bis July 2020, Carbonia

The announcement of God's return through the Glorious Cross.

Thus says the Lord: I will soon come among you, make yourselves worthy of Me, otherwise you will be disowned, as you did to Me. Today a new sun is already shining on my children. I, the true God, the only Creator God, will send a great purification on Earth.

I will undress this Humanity, I will strip it of all its wickedness, I will make it yield to Me. ... I have created man for Me, but he has turned away from Me. Today I ask him to return to Me quickly. There is no more time my children, everything begins now, this is the moment when you will see things change, you will see the hand of God act with power on this Earth, on this Humanity.

You will see a great battle, my children, and you will see a mighty clash between two stars in the sky, and you will see the glorious manifestation of God and? you will see your brothers weep!

This Humanity that has fallen into the hands of Satan will suffer greatly if on that day it does not ask for forgiveness from Me, ... if it does not kneel before God asking Him for mercy.

These are the last words I say to you in these conditions of life.

My children, soon you will enter a new world. My children, you will enter a new dimension, and you will be the progenitors of a great generation, you will be new and holy men because you will enter the Holy One, the Eternal God of Love.

Repent quickly, O you, who even today mock me and mock my prophets. Repent quickly, O you who have offended me, who have betrayed me, ...return to me and ask my forgiveness, give me back what belongs to me, give me your life, present me your sincere heart so that I may recognize you among my sheep, save you and bring you into my holy fold.

The Light of the world is already in the world, its Voice reigns on this Earth but man ignores, pretends not to hear, continues in his foolishness pursuing the vain things of this Earth. Oh men, now you will lose everything because I will take everything from you, I am the Creator God! I have created from nothing all things and I will destroy all that does not belong to me. Your offense to your God Love was great and painful, today I am still on the cross because of you and I suffer even more than then. Behold, my crucifixion is repeated and is even more painful than yesterday.

The Holy Scriptures have enlightened you, ... a millenary history, ... a teaching of life. A story in which you had to participate fully in the love of God and not transgress his laws and love the unjust laws of the adversary.

Fools! My children, the Evil One has stolen your soul, you have fallen into his trap, ... he has dazzled you with the brilliance of his jewels, he has told you that they could be yours, he has deceived you in every way, ... He has deceived you! 

Thirsty for power on this earth, you have lost the heavenly gifts, the love of your God, you have lost yourselves in hell. How great is My pain and how great is the pain of your Heavenly Mother, She who with so much love came among you to announce My Return to you and to give you the Heavenly messages to prepare you for what is now going to happen, ... you are fools, you are fools.

The sky will thunder loudly and not only will it thunder but fire will fall, ... the earth will tremble everywhere, volcanoes will open and there will be fire in the sky and there will be fire on earth and you will go as desperate in search of a safe place but, the safe place you have abandoned to follow to hell.

You have been deceived, ... It is true! But you have wanted this deception because God has spoken and warned you for two thousand years. Every day in his messages he has called you to be attentive, to observe what is happening around you, he has called you to open your ears to his Word and to live according to his commandments.

You have been warned that everything that belongs to this Earth will come to an end, nothing will remain standing, nothing my children, nothing, because I will purify it, I will give it splendor in love.

To My children, to My chosen ones, to those who have obeyed Me and served Me with a sincere heart, I will return all that they have left to follow Me, they will find it a hundredfold in the wonders of God, and they will be blessed forever and they will be holy, because the Eternal One will embrace them for Himself.

Children of Jerusalem, do not lose the Light, follow the Light, be ready.

This sign that crosses the sky, ... this comet!

is the announcement of my imminent return!

It is the announcement of the coming Warning!

It is the announcement that God is making to the world so that it may prepare itself, 

because He will soon manifest Himself to the world,

 ... His Return through the Glorious Cross!

Cleanse yourselves, My children, come back to Me, come imploring My mercy, do not offend Me anymore, love one another, respect and share everything, I have called you to Me to be Mine, not to be of the world, but to be Mine.

The truth is in me, there is no truth in the world but in me. Everything is a deception! Beware my children, now the last political maneuvers will take place and then there will be chaos, a cursed chaos created by man with this virus created in a laboratory precisely to decimate Humanity.

You will see much despair, many will die, many will be lost because not all will be in the grace of God. They did not want to listen to the Word of God, they had no respect for the messages dictated by Heaven and, through the prophets, they warned you of this situation through which you must now pass, because now you will have to pass! ... it is part of the plan of Satan, the accursed devil.

Oh, men incapable of loving, incapable of seeing, incapable of everything, you will now fall on your knees before me because I alone am the way, ... I alone am your salvation.

Beloved children, in these last days, work for the good, be holy and pray unceasingly the Holy Rosary, pray for those who do not pray, love me for those who do not love me, adore me for those who do not adore me and follow me, give an example of your fidelity to the one true God, the Creator.

Behold, I am in your midst, I mark your foreheads with My finger, I sign you in the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit and I ask you for the grace to remain firm in Me because suddenly, all around you, everything will tremble as it has never trembled before.

My chosen ones will be saved because I have marked them in me: ...they have believed in me, they have followed me, they have accepted my sign in their hearts. Be attentive, do not let yourselves be distracted by the things of the world, ... do not let yourselves be deceived by the deceiver! My children, whatever they show you, whatever offer they make you to take you away from Me, renounce it, reject it. I, God, will destroy all that is in evil, all that is good will triumph in me.

Soon you will be in the New Earth, in that Earth that I have already prepared for all My children, for all those who have said their faithful yes to Me and have made their lives a service to Heaven, a gift to Me, their God.

I love you, my children, and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May your loved ones, your families and your homes be blessed. God is with you, do not let yourselves be seduced by the tempter, embrace the cross even if it is heavy, embrace it with strength to be a sign in me.

Be joyful, go with peace in your hearts, God will never abandon you, never!