We belong to God in its entirety

  In antiquity, the servant owed himself entirely to his master. His activity carried with it a dedication so total and absorbing that it could not be shared with another work or another master. Thus we can better understand the words of Jesus, which we read in the Gospel of the Mass1: No servant can serve two masters, for he will hate the one and love the other, or he will prefer the one and despise the other. And the Lord concludes: You cannot serve God and money.

To follow Christ means to direct all our actions to Him. We do not have a time for God and another for study, for work, for business: everything belongs to God and must be oriented to Him. We belong entirely to the Lord and to Him we direct our activity, our rest, our clean loves..... We have only one life, which is ordered to God with all the acts that compose it. "Spirituality can never be understood as a set of pious and ascetic practices juxtaposed in any way to the set of rights and duties determined by one's condition; on the contrary, one's circumstances, insofar as they respond to God's will, must be assumed and supernaturally vitalized by a certain way of developing the spiritual life, a development that must be attained precisely in and through those circumstances".

As the thread holds together the beads of a necklace, so the desire to love God and right intention give unity to all that we do. Through the offering of works, all our daily activities, joys and sorrows, belong to the Lord. Nothing remains outside of love. "In our ordinary conduct, we need a virtue far superior to that of the legendary King Midas: he turned everything he touched into gold.

"We have to convert - through love - the human work of our daily routine into the work of God, with an eternal scope.

Our daily chores, the care of the instruments we use in our work, our order, our serenity in the face of the contradictions that arise, our punctuality, the effort required to fulfill our duty... is the material that we must transform into the gold of love for God. Everything is directed to the Lord, who is the one who gives eternal value to our smallest works.