We only implement Francis' proposals

Aachen Bishop Helmut Dieser, Germany, would like Francis to understand "that I want to do precisely all that Francis proposes to us."

Without being asked, Dieser told Dw.com (8 November) that he did not want to preach Church teaching to practicing homosexuals. For him, the urges of such persons are "not unnatural" and therefore they must live not chastely but: "As Church we must answer these questions anew."

Contradicting the Bible, Dieser considers homosexual acts "positive," but defines it in a consistently negative way as "not a mishap," "not a disease," "not an expression of a deficit," and "not a consequence of original sin."

In the area of sexuality, Dieser assumes a "diversity" - i.e. homosexuality, normal sexuality and what else? He even says - one wonders how he knows this - that homosexuality is "willed by God" and "does not violate the will of the Creator."

Of course, he wants "to bless" homosexual couples garnishing this with the lie that "God loves you as you are, and as you are now, you are accepted".

If this applies to homosexualism, it must also apply to child molesters, racists and national socialists. What else Dieser's "god” wants will be revealed to him by the oligarch media when the opportunity arises.