When will anyone do something about Bergoglio?


(…)2. When will anyone do something about Bergoglio? There are still several good Bishops left. Some good Cardinals. How can anyone with a functioning brain + Catholic sensibility NOT see that this guy is an antipope and a destroyer. I sometimes wonder whether anyone would act even if Bergoglio live-streamed a gay blessing on two people in the very act of sodomy. Hello? Synod on synodality? Really? They’re just laughing at you. I shudder to think what is said at the sodomite frivolities held on Vatican grounds about our total lack of response to the (attempted— I know the Church will last until the end) destruction of the visible Church.

And, with respect for what they have protected from the wreckers for so many years, I do not exclude the SSPX from this lament. They are not in schism, true. They also have an irregular canonical status. There is a much greater latitude for them to act, even viewing things from a temporal perspective. Is the Francismercy they’ve gotten so great that they cannot say the way things are?

The emperor has no clothes! Cardinals, bishops, priests… do something! Our Lord is daily mocked and insulted!

3. It is so important to do everything possible to stay in or get in the state of grace. End of the world? Possibly. Fatima cataclysm? Likely. You could also die today from any number of causes. We are on the edge of societal collapse and Divine chastisement. It pays to take care of one’s soul.

4. Finally, in light of the above, pray fervently for the dead, the holy souls in Purgatory. This November, you might want very much their intercession for you in a time of judgement that may come very soon indeed.