Who points out your destiny? Valtorta Notebooks 1943

It is said in Ecclesiasticus ch. 33 v. 11-15 that there are various destinies of man. Who points out your destiny? This is a great point that must be established in order not to fall into error.

into error. Error that can be the cause of blasphemous thinking and also of death of the soul. Man sometimes says: "Since destiny is made by God, God was unjust and wicked to him because misfortune has befallen him".

No, daughter. God is never wicked and never unjust. You are short-sighted and see very clumsily and only the things that are close to your pupil. Then how can you know the reason - written in the Book of the Lord - of your destiny? How can you, from Earth, a grain of dust fluttering in space, understand what is the real truth of things and which is written in Heaven? How can you give a just name to a thing that happens to you?

The child, to whom the mother gives a medicine, cries, calls it ugly and bad, tries to reject that medicine which seems to him useless and disgusting. But the mother knows that she does this not out of wickedness, but out of goodness; she knows that in the authority she uses at that moment to make herself obeyed she is not ugly, but that she is clothed in a majesty that beautifies her; she knows that her child is served by that medicine and with caresses or with a stern voice she forces him to take it. If the mother could take it to cure her little sick child, how much would she take!

You too are children with respect to the good Father you have in heaven. He sees your sicknesses and does not want you to remain sick. Your Father of love wants you healthy and strong, and gives you medicines to strengthen your souls, to straighten them, to heal them, to make them not only healthy but also beautiful.

If He could avoid making you cry, do you think that He whose Heart, all love, is watered by the tears of His children, would not do it? But to each his own time. He has done everything for you, to bring you to eternal salvation. He has even exiled himself from Heaven, he has squeezed out his Blood to the last drop to give it to you, most holy medicine that heals every sore, overcomes every disease, strengthens every weakness.

Now is your time. Because in spite of the Word descended from Heaven to give you the guidance of Life and in spite of the Blood lavished to redeem you, you have not known how to separate yourselves from sin and you always fall back into it; He, the Eternal One who loves you, gives you a punishment of pain, more or less great according to the height to which He wants to take you or the point to which He wants to make you atone here below for your debt of deserting children.

There are, it is true, creatures who suffer pain in order to become resplendent, with great light, in the other life. But there are other creatures who must endure pain in order to cleanse their stained stole and attain the light. They are the vast majority. But -it is a contradiction, but it is true- these are precisely the ones who rebel most against pain and call God unjust and evil, because he soaks them with pain. They are the sickest and believe themselves to be the healthiest.

The more one is in the Light, the more one accepts, loves and desires pain.

He accepts when he is once in the Light.

He loves when he is in the Light twice.

He desires and asks for pain when he is three times in the Light, immersed in it and alive by it.

On the other hand, the more one is in the darkness, the more one flees, hates, rebels against pain.

Flee: weak souls who have the strength to do neither great evil nor good, but who go about living a poor spiritual life wrapped up in the darkness.

living a poor spiritual life shrouded in the mists of lukewarmness and venial faults, have an uncontainable fear of every sorrow, of whatever nature it may be. They are spirits without skeleton, without strength.

Hates: the vicious, for whom pain is an obstacle to continue with their vices of all kinds, hate this great master of the spiritual life.

He rebels: the great sinner, completely sold out to Satan, who accumulates crime after spiritual crime, reaching the heights of rebellion that are blasphemy and suicide or homicide, in order to take revenge (at least he thinks so) for suffering. Upon this, the paternal work of God is transformed into fermentation of evil, because that great sinner is kneaded with Evil like flour kneaded with yeast, and Evil, like yeast under the elaboration of pain, swells in them and makes them bread for Hell.

To which of these three categories have you belonged? To which one do you belong now? In which one do you want to remain? The answer is not necessary. I know it. This is why I speak to you and am with you.

At other times man says: "If everyone has an appointed destiny, it is useless to worry and struggle. Let us not worry, what difference does it make, everything is appointed".

Another pernicious error. Destiny is known to God, yes, but do you know it? You do not know it at the moment.

Let me give you an example. Peter denied me. In his destiny it was appointed for him to know this error. But he repented of having disowned me and God forgave him and made him his Pontiff.  If he had persisted in his error, could he have become my Vicar?

Do not say: he was destined. Never forget that God knows your destinies, but you make your destiny. He does not violate your freedom of action. He gives you the means and the advice, He gives you the warnings to put you back on the right path, but if you do not want to be on that path, He does not force you to stay.

You are free. He has created you of age. God's joy is that you remain in the Father's house, but if you say, "I want to leave it" He does not stop you. He weeps over you and grieves over your fate. And he does not want to do more, because by doing more he would take away the freedom he has given you. The joy of God is when, realizing, under the harm of famine, that only in the Father's house is there joy, you return to Him. Joy and God's pleasure towards those who with their sacrifice and their prayers, especially these two things, and then with their words, succeed in returning a son to me. But no more.

May you know that those who are in my hand like wet clay in the potter's hand,

are the favourites of my Heart. Over them my hand is sweet as a caress. My caresses mold them by giving them My imprint and likeness of meekness, humility, charity, purity, and the most beautiful of all likenesses: Mine as Redeemer.

For these are the souls who continue the mission of the Redeemer and to whom I continually say "thank you" which is the most protective of blessings. And if the veil of Veronica is sacred because it bears my countenance, what will these souls be who are my true image?

Courage, Mary! My Peace is with you. I am with you. Do not be afraid. 

September 18th

Jesus says:

"I said yesterday, "You make your own destiny." Now I add: You make your own destiny. But when one does the Will that the Father proposes to him, he is sure to achieve a destiny of light, while when one closes his ears and eyes so as not to hear and not to see the Will of the Father and closes his soul to the love that leads to obedience, following not the voice of the spirit but that of flesh and blood, stirred up by Satan, this one creates for himself a destiny of darkness whose end is the death of the spirit.

Now, if you reflect on how in your life whoever loves - be he son, brother, husband, pupil, inferior, whoever he may be - always tries to please the beloved, you can easily intuit that those who love God very much follow God's desires, whatever they may be; those who love him little follow him less and follow only those desires that cost them little fatigue; and those who in fact do not love him do not follow him in the desires of his holy Will, but rather rebel by throwing themselves on the path that leads to the antipodes of the goal that God advises and turn away from the Father by blaspheming him.

One could therefore conclude, without fear of erring, that the measure with which the creature loves his Creator is given by the measure with which he knows how to obey the desires of his Lord and Father. He lies who says he loves God and then does not know how to follow his Voice that speaks to him with love to lead him to his dwelling place.

And whom does he want to deceive with his lie? God? God cannot be deceived. Your words have the true meaning that they have, and not that which you give them, and God understands that true meaning. Therefore if you claim to love the Lord and then refuse to obey Him, which is one of the basic tests of love, He cannot but call you hypocrites and liars and treat you as such.

Do you perhaps want to deceive Satan, enjoying the comfortable arrangements of conscience that he suggests to you, and at the same time let him know that you want to enjoy in this life, but also to enjoy in the next life by temporizing between God and Satan, between Heaven and Hell? Oh, you fools! The Sly One cannot be deceived and, less patient than God, he demands immediate reward and must be paid at once, because he does not agree to delay. And truly I tell you that his yoke is not a wing, but a heavy stone that crushes and sinks in the mire and in the darkness.

Do you perhaps want to deceive yourselves by telling yourselves that it is only a necessity of the earth that pushes you to do your will, but that, deep down, you would like to do God's will because you prefer it? Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites.

In you there is a judge who does not know sleep, and it is your spirit. Although you wound him to death and condemn him to perish, he cries out in you, while you are on this earth, he cries out his longing for Heaven. You burden it and gag it to render it immobile and mute, but it stirs until it frees itself from your gag and hurls its cry into the desolate silence of your heart. And, like the cry of my Forerunner, that voice is so tormenting to you that you try to extinguish it forever. You will never succeed. As long as you live you will hear it, and in the hereafter it will cry out louder, reproaching you for your crime of murdering your soul.

The key to certain human aberrations that grow more and more and lead the individual to monstrous delinquencies, is in this voice of conscience that you try to mitigate with new rebounds of cruelty, just as the intoxicated person tries to forget his deserved misfortune by poisoning himself more and more, until he becomes dazed.

Be children, my creatures. Love, love our good Father who is in Heaven. Love Him as much as you can. Then it will be easy for you to follow his blessed Will and achieve a destiny of eternal glory.

I, who have loved Him to perfection, have pleased Him even to the sacrifice of my divinity which for thirty-three years has been exiled from Heaven, and of my life destroyed with the most atrocious martyrdom of the flesh, of the mind, of the heart, of the spirit.

My Mother, who was second only to Me in knowing how to love and who loved with all the perfection possible for the creature - because, I say this in parenthesis and in answer to an objection that has been made to you, because Mary possessed the fullness of every virtue and attribute, always and naturally as a creature, perfect but always a human creature. Having in herself the fullness of Grace, that is, possessing God as she alone possessed Him, it is obvious that her perfection reached heights only inferior to those of God. Well then, Mary, who was second only to Me in knowing how to love, adhered to the Will of God to the point of sacrificing her vocation, which was to dedicate herself solely to the contemplations of God, and her heart, which was asked by God to be crushed.

Mary's divine Maternity is the living proof of her adherence to the Will of God. I, the Son who has not taken away from the Mother her candor of inviolate lily, am the testimony of Mary's condescension to God's desires.

She has defied the opinion of the world, the judgment of her spouse, and embraced her scaffold as Mother of the Redeemer, without hesitation. Certain that God did not reject the gift of her candor, she said the highest "fiat" pronounced by mortal lips and had no fears: her strength was God and to Him she entrusted her honor, her future, everything, without reserve.

Here are your models: I and Mary. Follow us and you will achieve the destiny that God desires for each of His creatures. Follow us and you will possess Peace, because you will possess God who is Peace and you will feel the well-being of your spirit.

The beatitudes I have proclaimed you already have on this earth if you do the Will of your Father. Later, in Heaven, they will be seventy times greater because then nothing will hinder your merging into God".

Valtorta Notebooks 1943