You will soon have the bitter surprise of your enemies

Carbonia 17.11.2022 - 

ITALY! Beautiful Italy ... Your walls tremble!

May my cry of salvation reach you, oh man! As Father I exercise my Fatherly task, calling this Humanity to urgent repentance.

Wake up, oh men, the storm is already upon you; the volcano of horror is boiling, the East wind threatens the West.

My poor children, your God wants to save you, let him save you, open your ears to hear his cry of love.

Open your eyes, oh men! Satan clings to you, his claws are like pincers.

Truly I tell you, my children:

you will soon have the bitter surprise of your enemies,

they will put you in chains.

And you will be led to the slaughter if you do not take refuge in me.

I alone am the one who can save you: 

...I repeat to you that your conversion is urgent, 

the city of Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, 

the bombardment is imminent!

The ways of Heaven are salvation for you, abandon yourselves to your God, implore his mercy, cry out to him for help.

Italy! Beautiful Italy! ...Your walls tremble!

You were the Bride of the Lord, now you deny and ally yourself with Satan!

Why do you do this my Italy?

Why do you dirty your clothes with him who is the enemy?

You do not hide yourself in me to have a correct discernment, ...

you sell yourself like a prostitute ...

you have defiled yourself by listening to the hissing of the serpent,

now you will pay for your choice with pain and despair!

Christ Jesus is the one who gave his life for the salvation of his children but was badly paid, now these children will suffer the same torture that Satan will apply to them.

My Italy! My homeland...

How beautiful you were clothed with light in me, you were knowledgeable of the things of God and you had the fear of God!

Today you no longer fear Him, but man.

You have knelt before Death!

You have renounced life!

Truth comes to you, O foolish men, it comes silently, and for you it will be a dramatic awakening because you have closed the doors to the Holy Spirit.

The voice of God will thunder loudly; His wrath will terrify the foolish, His mercy will be only for those who have followed His Laws.