M Gibson, Gracida & Cancelled Novus Ordo priests

Mel Gibsons's Ranch: Bishop Gracida "Fixes" Novus Ordo Ordinations

The retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida, Texas, 99, has twice in 2021 held at Mel Gibson’s ranch in California "supplying-of-services" for priests ordained in the New Rite.

The news was published by ChurchMilitant.com (February 10) 

Gibson and Gracida met in the summer of 2020. They believe there is a possible defect in the Novus Ordo ordinations.

Gracida denies Francis' legitimacy as a Pope but is not a sedevacantist.

Gibson approached cancelled Novus Ordo priests who considered their ordination defective. He invited them to his private chapel where Gracida conferred on them those parts of the Roman Rite who are missing in the Novus Ordo.

Six priests were present at the first liturgy and two at the second. At least two dioceses and the Vatican are informed.