These are the last moments of life in unbearable conditions—Carbonia

Carbonia 09.02.2023

He who labored in the vineyard of the Lord

shall have a great reward!

Read! Read, men, learn from the Word of God! Move your hearts towards Him who gave you life, O men; prostrate yourselves before Him, acknowledge Him as your God and Father.

The transformation of the Earth is underway! These are the last moments of life in unbearable conditions, where tears and suffering prevail.

My children, oh you who have fought your battle to remain united to Me, your Father, you will have a great reward: you will be sharers in My Kingdom, you will live as kings, your lives will change.

The Father consecrates to Himself His Sons, all those who have lived their daily lives in fidelity to Him.

Those who have worked in the Vineyard of the Lord in order to His Will will have a great reward, while for the disobedient, for those who have turned their back on Him, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Marian Priestly Order walks united to the Blessed Virgin; She is at the head of Her People, under Her mantle She protects them and leads them victoriously to the final battle against Satan

My brave soldiers, oh you who are at the front, prepare yourselves to launch the attack, the accursed Serpent is circling around you trying to absorb you into himself, but, he has not counted on your Guardian, the Father who envelops you in his Holy Temple.

My Chosen Ones will speak other tongues, cast out demons, heal and bless in my Holy Name because I have invested them with my Power.


God has only one Word!