Transvestite singer will be a Communion Helper

Homosex Activist Leads “Liturgy of the Word,” Will Soon Be a Communion Helper

The transvestite Kurt Dedich, 72, appears in Bonn, Cologne Archdiocese, as a presider of “liturgies of the word”, writes (11 February).

He uses the stage name Curt Delander or "Zarah Leander" when he goes around in women's clothes.

Dedich was raised Catholic, then fell away from the Faith, began a career as a homosex activist in the 1970s and had no contact with the Church for decades.

Twelve years ago, he made contact with a pastor in Bonn and, after that, had his first performance as a transvestite singer in a church.

Currently, the homosexual is training to be a leader of “liturgies of the word" and communion helper.

Together with a pastoral helper, he already conducts “liturgies of the word" and "individual blessings" - wearing a rainbow-coloured shawl.

Delander says of himself: "I am a gay man who is reconciled with his Church. Now I have what I've wanted for years."

Francis, whose image he has tattooed on his upper arm, "warms his heart."