What to do in the face of an imminent Nuclear War


My Army, remember that the most important thing you have to do is FIGHT for the Salvation of Souls, with your Prayers for the Poor Sinners who live lost in the World.

You, my Little Remnant, must see for your own Souls, that is why the Main Recommendation is to be from TODAY in a State of Grace and making Reparation for your Sins and those of All Humanity. This is

the Main Recommendation and the Base of all others, after seeing for your Spiritual integrity we will see how to prepare ourselves Physically under the Protection of my Angels that I Command and under

my orders will be able to be protected from ALL calamity.

In a situation of the outbreak of a Third Atomic World War, we must bear in mind that my Righteous Angels will Protect you as the People of Israel. The Home where the Rosary and the 24 Hours of the Passion of Luisa Piccarreta are prayed, as well as the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, will be PRESERVED and PROTECTED, before the radioactivity that remains after the Atomic Bombs, you will take for your Protection the Remedies of Heaven that will make you less vulnerable to suffer the Effects of Radioactivity in your bodies. For this I will give a Remedy that you will take after the First Atomic Bomb explodes.

The War will last a few days, because it will be stopped by the Illumination of Consciences, but nevertheless there will be several Nuclear Bombs and the risk of being vulnerable to Radioactivity, Pray A LOT for this World War to be shortened and last fewer days than expected, DO NOT Stop Praying for this Intention, since things can change and reduce their intensity with the Prayer, which is VERY POWERFUL.

I give you the Remedy that will protect you from Radioactivity you need:

Rose petals of any color.

Water and also Exorcized Salt.

Symbolizing the Holy Trinity, Rose Petals will be added to the Water in the amount of 3 petals.

3 grains of Exorcized Salt

Praying at the time of its preparation 1 Our Father and a Hail Mary in Latin.

You will take it, every day 3 times a day to reduce and eliminate the effects of Radioactivity in your bodies, do not forget to pray the Prayers said before, every day so that the Remedy has a greater effect.

It is IMPORTANT that you are in a State of Grace and have Faith that Heaven will protect you. When the WARNING arrives, the Sky will be purified by radiation winds, scattered throughout the World, as part of a Gift from God the Father to Humanity, however, there will be large Toxic Gasses scattered through the air, by the Asteroid that will make contact with the Earth, destabilizing it in such a way that there will be strong earthquakes throughout the planet.

For this reason, it is necessary NOT to leave your homes until the Toxic Gasses are finished in the Atmosphere. In this situation of uncertainty, resort to my protection as Prince of the Celestial Militia and you will be protected from all calamity in this End of Times .

I leave you with the War Cry,