Come to My tabernacles

My children, who every day fight battles without respite, come children, come to Me, I am eager to give you My peace and My love. I, Jesus, speak to you.

How many tears you shed in secret but I see them. How many sorrows you bear with your family, with your work, with the injustices done to you. You priests also suffer injustice and misunderstanding in your environment, by your own companions in ministry and by your parishioners. But I see your hearts, your right intentions, your true desires to give Me glory and love and this does not escape Me. Come to My Tabernacle and tell Me everything as if I did not know, all your sorrows and bitterness, because you will feel relieved to unload them on My divine Heart.

I am a God of love and I desire nothing more for My souls than love, peace, joy and strength. But you must collaborate and offer Me your bitterness so that it may serve Me for other people who, like you, suffer and suffer and no one prays for them. Not a single one of the sufferings that you offer is lost, I gather it all and My Holy Mother presents it to Me and applies it to the many needs that exist in the world and in the Catholic Church.

Do not lose heart because of the trials that come to you and which seem as if they will never end. You go to bed and when you get up, the battle begins again, and it seems that it will never end. My children, suffering well carried and offered sanctifies you immensely. It is the best penance you can offer Me, but I also desire that you have peace and come to My Tabernacle to tell Me your bitterness so that you may leave comforted from the time you spend with Me. I listen to you and I give you My grace so that you may resist. The Evil One wants to sink you, but the Evil One cannot sink with Me, and if you come close to Me, he will end up fleeing because he cannot stand My presence, nor that of My Holy Mother whom he hates enormously.

Go to Mary Most Holy, Mother of God and Mother of souls, She is waiting for you with open arms. Stay also for a little while at Her side telling Her your sorrows and She will also comfort you, because even if We do not speak to you with Our voice, We will give you peace and strength in your heart, and if you get used to coming to the Tabernacle to tell Your sorrows, every day you will need to come more and more because of the benefit that you will receive in the interior of your souls. The great saints suffered much, but they knew how to seek consolation in the Tabernacle, in the Eucharist, in the Sacraments; without them, most of them would not have been able to endure the terrible battles and temptations they endured and which gave them the degree of glory they have today. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you. My peace to My true children and little souls who are suffering.

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