Francis` Pontificate´: one of the darkest decades in Church history

2013: Why Was Controversial Cardinal on the Loggia?

Bergoglio's “catastrophic” election, ten years’ ago, marked the beginning of “one of the darkest decades" in Church history, writes Damian Thompson (, March 13).

Thompson calls Bergoglio “a divisive and intellectually lazy clerical politician” who both before and after his election, empowered and protected abusive clergy and their accomplices, such as McCarrick, Zanchetta, Grassi, and Rupnik.

After the 2013 conclave, the anti-Catholic Brussels Cardinal Danneels (+2019) appeared with Francis on the loggia. Danneels covered up the homosex abuse of Bruges Bishop Vangheluwe, telling the victim in a recorded meeting (published in 2010) to keep quiet and cause less embarrassment. Francis invited the same Danneels to the 2015 Synod on the Family.

Cardinal Pell told Thompson why Francis promoted Danneels: “To thank him for the votes.”

In a less convincing aside, Thompson calls “the industrial-scale blackmailing of senior clerics with an appetite for gay sex parties and money-laundering” as a reason for Benedict XVI's resignation.