Gänswein: BXVI never suffered as much as then

Archbishop Georg Gänswein feels a great emptiness, pain and loss at the death of Benedict XVI, he told the German Bild.de (9 March).

Gänswein consoles himself with the hope that Benedict is now in heaven. Most of his estate, books and manuscripts, went to the Regensburg Institute Pope Benedict XVI, correspondence with his predecessor or important personal documents to the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Gänswein "shredded" private letters in accordance with Benedict's last will. He continues to live in the Vatican, 70 metres from Francis as the crow flies, in a former hospice and denies that there is an ice age between him and Francis, "No, much of what was written is simply invented."

Francis has granted him two "fruitful audiences", he said. Gänswein said it was fine for him that no decision has been made "yet" on a future assignment.

Gänswein spoke to Benedict about his book last autumn: "Why is this important to you?" Benedict asked. Gänswein replied that he wanted to refute slander, "When you, Holy Father, were unjustly accused in 2022 [= some insinuations about an abusive priest], I never saw you suffer (sic!) like this before."

Benedict replied, "If you think it's right, then do it - but it's your responsibility."

Commenting on the German synod, Gänwein said that most bishops persist on the [wrong] path they have taken which leads out of unity with the universal Church.

"I fear that the train will hit a wall. And then?" Benedict was troubled by "the fact that many bishops [appointed by him] go along with it, even promote it."

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, 66, does not know what he will do in the future: "The new task that awaits me is not yet known to me," Gänswein said on Tuesday evening in Munich (Kna.de).

Francis received him on Saturday and said he had "not made any decision" about his person. He still needs "some time"

It is as clear as daylight that vindictive Francis hates Gänswein and will let him fall into the void.