Mortality increases with the passing of days

The Medicare* results were definitive: the vaccine increases your risk of death for months after the shot. It’s why the CDC refuses to release the death-vax records from Medicare (which are trivial to release) or the nationwide death-vax data (requires a little more work).

Now we have more confirmation. The Israeli Ministry of Health study shows us, once again, that the vaccine increases people’s risk of death over time. Their data shows that the death peak for Pfizer Dose #2 is 4 months after the shot.

Make no mistake: if this were a positive study, it would have been made publicly available and all the press in Israel would be reporting on it. Instead, they deliberately hid it behind a paid firewall where nobody could find it.

MIT Professor Retsef Levi was the first person to bring this important study to the public’s attention, not the Israeli Ministry of Health. Is it his responsibility to inform the public that the vaccines are unsafe?

This burying of the data is a tacit admission by the health authorities that the results are bad. It doesn’t get more explicit than that.

So now you know. The shots increase your risk of death and the health authorities don’t want you to know about it. Don’t expect the mainstream media anywhere in the world to touch this story.

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*Medicare is a U.S. government health insurance program. The plan covers people age 65 or older, younger ones with disabilities, and patients with end-stage renal disease.