Schneider's harsh criticism of Francis

Francis' talk of "decentralisation," "plurality," "diversity" and "welcome" is exposed as “a lie” by the recent rescript against the Mass, Bishop Schneider told @catholichack 

Catholics are being discriminated against and treated as second-class citizens in Francis' Church, “while at the same time, you can do whatever you want during Mass, for example LGBT Masses, where you don’t need permission from Rome.”

For Schneider, the rescript is ideological and a rejection of Catholic Tradition, but despite this “the traditional Mass will continue to grow.”

Francis treats bishops like "schoolboys who do not know what to decide,” but this is contrary to Vatican II, which wanted to empower bishops, “Bishops are not employees of the Pope. They are bishops by divine right.”

Schneider explains that the Novus Ordo is vague and has many gaps that make it impossible to celebrate preside in a strict form all over the world.

Francis is “collaborating by silence” in promoting the German synod and homosexuality, Schneider explains.

Cardinals and bishops who spread heresy “know that they will not be punished” but "promoted" while Francis persecutes Catholic bishops with visitations. Schneider names San Diego homosexualist McElroy.