When many stars go out in My Sky

July 23rd

Jesus says:

"When the hour comes, many stars will be overwhelmed by the spirals of Satan, who, in order to conquer, needs to diminish the lights of souls.

This may happen because, not only the laity but also the ecclesiastics, have lost and are losing more and more the firmness of faith, charity, strength, purity, detachment from the seductions of the world necessary to remain in the orbit of the light of God.

Do you understand who are the stars of whom I speak? They are those I have defined as salt of the earth and light of the world: my ministers.

The care of Satan's sharp malice is to extinguish, by rolling them over, these luminaries who are lights that reflect my Light to the multitudes. If, in spite of so much light that still emanates from the priestly Church, souls are sinking deeper and deeper into darkness, one can intuit what the darkness will be like that will crush the multitudes when many stars go out in My Heaven.

Satan knows it and sows his seeds to prepare the weakness of the priesthood, so that he can easily entangle it in sins, not so much of sense as of thought. In mental chaos it will be easy for him to provoke spiritual chaos. In the spiritual chaos the weak, in the face of the flood of persecutions, will commit the sin of vileness, denying the faith.

The Church will not die because I will be with her. But it will know hours of darkness and horror similar to those of My Passion, multiplied in time because it must be so.

It must be that the Church suffers as much as her Creator suffered, before dying to be resurrected in eternal form. It must be that the Church suffers for much longer because the Church is not, in her members, perfect like her Creator, and if I suffered for hours, she must suffer weeks and weeks of hours.

As she arose persecuted and nourished by supernatural power in the first times and in her best children, the same will happen to her when the last times come in which she will exist, will subsist, will resist the satanic tide and the battles of the Antichrist with her best children. Painful, but fair selection.

It is logical that in a world in which so many spiritual lights will have died, the brief but tremendous reign of the Antichrist, generated by Satan, as Christ was generated by the Father, will be openly established. Christ son of the Father, generated by Love with Purity. Antichrist son of Satan, generated by Hate with triple Impurity.

Like olives between the wheels of the mill, the children of Christ will be persecuted, squeezed, crushed by the voracious Beast. But not swallowed up, because the Blood will not allow them to be corrupted in spirit. Like the first, the last will be reaped as handfuls of ears of corn in the extreme persecution and the earth will drink their blood. But blessed forever for their perseverance are those who die faithful to the Lord."

You had told me that to understand John you had to read his epistles and Revelation. I took the Bible and opened at random where the writings of the Prelate are. It opened at the 12th chapter. The Master explains it to me like this.

I realize that days ago Jesus said a phrase similar to the comment about the spiritual motherhood of Mary 61, which one wants to see symbolized in the woman clothed with the sun. But today Jesus does not speak about it, about Mary. He speaks of the condition of the Church militant in the end times. I will read attentively the Apocalypse hoping in Jesus, that he will be light for me to understand it.

Valtorta Notebooks 1943