Behold New Heavens and New Earth for the Children of God!

Carbonia 08.04.2023

Choose the path of Life, embrace the Truth.

Remain silent!

Beloved children, Heaven trembles in the expectation of embracing you to Itself.

Put God first in your lives, oh men: His Love will help you to grow and to understand your life on Earth.

My beloved creatures, I am at your side and I lead you according to My Divine Rules, do not hinder My Work in you, be humble, listen and put into practice what I tell you.

Now a burning fire will be kindled in your hearts: you will know that the hour of your awakening has come.

My Passion has been great. Yet I have given Myself for you, oh men, who do not believe in Me, ... you who have chosen to set yourselves against Me.

Sin, my children, sin. Your hatred of the Truth will take you where you never wanted to go.

Behold New Heavens and New Earth for the Children of God!

Prepare yourselves My children, fast from the things of the world, grow in Truth.

Strive for the Things of God and forsake that which will bring you no good.

Choose the way of Life, embrace the Truth and never again turn your eyes to things that no longer belong to you.

You have been called children of God! Your Father claims you! He wants to place you in his All, in his new world, created especially for his "Chosen Ones", for those who will have responded to his Truth.

Easter is resurrection for many men..., while for others it is a curse.

My children, try to understand My language, I want to save you all, but many men do not respond, they reject Me for the things of this Earth!

Soon all will come to an end, nothing will be as before.

Behold My children, do not allow yourselves the choice that leads to death, ... to eternal suffering.

Repent! Your conversion is urgent. You have no more time.

My Mercy confronts the world as does my Justice. Amen.