Considerations on the Resurrection -Maria Valtorta

Jesus says (to Maria Valtorta):

-The ardent prayers of Mary somewhat anticipated my Resurrection.

I had said: "The Son of Man will be killed, but on the third day he will rise again". He had died at three o'clock on Friday afternoon.

Friday. Whether you calculate the days by their names or the hours, it was not the Sunday dawn that was to see me rise again. In terms of hours, my Body had been lifeless thirty-eight instead of seventy-two; in terms of days, I should at least have arrived on the afternoon of this third day to say that I had been three days in the tomb.

But Mary anticipated the miracle. As when with her prayer she opened the Heavens some years before the time fixed to give the world its Salvation, so now She obtains the anticipation of some hours to give comfort to her agonizing heart.

And I, at the dawn of the third day, descended like the descending sun, and with my radiance I melted the human seals, so useless before the power of a God; with my strength I made leverage to overturn the uselessly guarded stone; with my appearance I created a radiance that threw to the ground the three times useless soldiers who had been placed on guard to guard a death that was Life and that no human strength could prevent it from being so.

Much more powerful than your electric current, my Spirit entered as a sword of divine Fire to give warmth to the cold mortal remains of my Corpse, and to the new Adam the Spirit of God breathed life, saying to himself: "Live. I love him.

I, who had raised the dead when I was but the Son of man, the Victim appointed to bear the faults of the world, was I not to be able to raise myself, now that I was the Son of God, the First and the last, the eternal Living One, He who holds in His hands the keys of Life and Death? And my Corpse felt that Life was returning to Him.

Look: I breathe deeply, like a man waking up after the sleep produced by an enormous fatigue. And I still do not open my eyes. The blood circulates again, still not very fast, in the veins, and brings the thought back to the mind. And it came from so far away! Look: as in a man wounded and healed by a miraculous force, the blood returns to the empty veins, fills the Heart, gives warmth to the members of the Body, and the wounds close, cardinals and sores disappear, strength returns. And I was so wounded! The Force intervenes and I am healed, I awaken, I return to Life. I was dead, now I live, now I stand up!

I take off my shroud, I remove my cloak of ointments. I do not need them to appear as eternal Beauty, as eternal Integrity. I am clothed in garments that are not of this Earth, but woven by Him who is my Father, He who weaves the silk of the virgin lilies. I am clothed in splendor. My adornment are the wounds, which no longer ooze blood but radiate light, that light which will be the joy of my Mother and of the blessed, and the terror, the unbearable vision of the damned and of the demons on Earth and on the last day.

The angel of my life as a man and the angel of my pain are prostrate before me and adore my Glory. There are my two angels. One, to rejoice in the vision of his Guardian, who now has no more need of angelic defense. The other, who has seen my tears, to see my smile; who has seen my battle, to see my victory; who has seen my pain, to see my joy.

And I go out into the orchard full of flower buds and dew. And the apple trees open their corollas to form a flowering arch over my King's head. The grasses make a carpet of gems and corollas for my foot, which again treads the redeemed Earth after having been raised above it to redeem it. I am greeted by the first sun, and the sweet April wind, and the light cloud that passes, rosy as a child's cheek, and the birds among the fronds. I am their God. They worship me.

I pass among the fading soldiers, symbol of the souls in mortal sin, who do not hear the passing of God.

It is Easter, Mary! This is the "Passing of the Angel of God"! His Passage from death to life. His Passage to give Life to those who believe in His Name. It is Easter! It is the Peace that passes through the world. Peace now without the veil of man's condition; free, complete in its re-established efficiency of God.

And I go to my Mother. It is only right that I go. It was so for my angels, much more so for her who, besides being my guardian and my consolation, was the one who gave me life. Even before returning to the Father with my glorified human figure, I go to my Mother. I go with the radiance of my paradisiacal figure and my living Gems. She can touch me, She can kiss them, because She is the Pure, the Beautiful, the Beloved, the Blessed, the Holy of God.

The new Adam goes to the new Eve. Evil entered the world through woman, and Woman has overcome it. The Fruit of the Woman has detoxified men from Lucifer's slime. Now, if they will, they can save themselves. It has saved the woman who was so fragile after the deadly wound.

And after the Pure One - to whom by right of sanctity and maternity it is right that the Son-God goes - I present myself to the redeemed woman, to the one who is the head, the representative of all the feminine creatures whom I have come to free from the prey of lust. So that I may tell them to come to me to be healed; to have faith in me: to believe in my Mercy that understands and forgives; to overcome Satan, who torments their flesh, to look at my Flesh adorned with the five wounds.

I do not let her touch me. She is not the Pure One, who can touch without contaminating the Son who returns to the Father. She still has much to purify through penance. But her love deserves this reward. She knew how to rise by her will from the tomb of her vice; she knew how to strangle Satan, who held her captive; she knew how to defy the world for love of her Savior; she knew how to strip herself of everything that was not love; she knew how to be only love that is consumed for her God. And God calls her: "Mary". Hear how she responds: "Rejoice!". In that cry is her heart.

To her, who has deserved it, I give the task of being the messenger of the Resurrection. And once again she will suffer scorn, mild scorn, as if she were delirious. But it matters nothing to Mary of Magdala, to Mary of Jesus, the judgment of men. She has seen me risen, and this gives her a joy that calms all other feelings.

Do you see how I love the one who was guilty, but wanted to get out of the guilt? It is not even to John that I appear first. I appear to the Magdalene. John had already received from me the degree of son. He could receive it, because he was pure and could be not only a spiritual son, but also a giver and receiver - to the Pure One and from the Pure One of God - of the cares or needs that are tied to the flesh.

Magdalene, the one resurrected to Grace, has the first vision of the Resurrected Grace.

When you love me to the point of overcoming everything for me, I take your head and your sick heart between my pierced hands and I breathe in your face my Power. And I save you, I save you, beloved children. And again you appear beautiful, healthy, free, happy; you are again the beloved children of the Lord; I make of you the bearers of my Goodness in the midst of the poor human beings, those who give them testimony of my Goodness, to convince them of it and of me.

Have, have, have, have faith in Me. Have love. Do not be afraid. May all that the Heart of your God has suffered to save you instill in you security in the Heart of your God.

And you, little John (Maria Valtorta), smile after having cried. Your Jesus no longer suffers. There is no more Blood or wounds, but there is light, light, light and joy and glory. May my light and my joy be in you until the hour of Heaven arrives.