Permission to bless adulterous couples

Homosex: German Bishops “Demand” From Rome What They Already Practice

Sankt Bonifatius Parish in Frankfurt am Main (Limburg Diocese) offers blasphemous “solemn blessings” for homosexual sins, writes (June 7) which belongs to Cologne Archdiocese in a flattering article.

Bishop of Limburg is Georg Bätzing who is also the Presiding German bishop.

Sankt Bonifatius’ Father Werner Otto says that he has had “good experiences” with his blasphemy. He also “blesses” unrepentant adulterers.

The hypocritical German bishops are asking Rome to “allow” such blasphemies although they are already practising them.

Bätzing has even gone so far as to say that “no priest would be forced” to perform such blasphemies. But everyone knows what happens to priests who oppose the bishops' homosex regime.