The prophecies that speak of Two Popes in Rome

After the death of BXVI, many prophecies seem to have become meaningless, in spite of coinciding in the same predictions. Does this mean that they were false? No, sometimes, through prayer, Heaven changes its plans, as in Nineveh after the preaching of Jonah. No one can say that Fatima, approved by the Church and which explains the flight of the Pope from Rome, is false.


According to the prophecies and private revelations, when there are two popes in Rome (they can be the present ones or two others in the future) there will be a schism in the Church, a division caused by an illegitimate pope's heresy and the reaction of the true Vicar of Christ, who will raise his voice to denounce the apostasy. At that time, there will be a sudden invasion of Russia into Europe, coinciding with the War of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 38), which consists of the attack of Russia and Arab countries against Israel. Then, the legitimate pope will be persecuted and will have to flee Rome for refuge, while the antipope will rule the Church supporting the false peace, the sacrilegious unification of religions. That false peace will be the religious support of the world government of the antichrist. The antipope will betray the faith by accepting the coalition of all creeds and renouncing the Catholic identity.

St. Francis of Assisi says: "There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause great schism". And Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Augustinian religious, states: "I saw a strong opposition between the two popes, and I saw how dire will be the consequences of the false church (...) This will cause the greatest schism ever seen in the world”. [ — a foretaste, perhaps?]

The Blessed Virgin said explicitly at La Salette: "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist". 

And there are many other private revelations and announcements of Church hierarchs:

Says Fr. Paul Kramer, "The antipope and his apostate collaborators will be, as Sister Lucia said, supporters of the devil, those who work for evil without being afraid of anything."

Pope St. Pius X announced: "I had a terrible vision: I do not know if it will be me or one of my successors, but I saw a Pope from Rome fleeing amongst the corpses of his brothers. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere and after a short time he will die a cruel death."

Juan de Rocapartida: "Approaching the End Times, the Pope and his cardinals will have to flee from Rome in tragic consequences to a place where they will not be recognized, and the Pope will suffer a cruel death in exile."

Nicholas of Flüe: "The Pope with his cardinals will have to flee from Rome in a calamitous situation to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die in an atrocious manner during his exile. The sufferings of the Church will be greater than any previous moment in history."

Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser, founder of the secular clergy societies in the eighteenth century: "God will permit a great evil against His Church: they will come bursting in suddenly and unexpectedly while bishops and priests are asleep. They shall enter into Italy and devastate Rome, burn churches and destroy everything."

The revelation received by Mother Elena Aiello, famed stigmatic who was often consulted by Pope Pius XII: "Italy will be shaken by a great revolution (...) Russia will prevail over the nations, and especially over Italy, and will raise the red flag over the dome of St. Peter."

The words of John of Vitiguero: "When the world is disturbed, the Pope will change residence."

Elena Leonardi, spiritually guided by Padre Pio: "The Vatican will be invaded by communist revolutionaries. They will betray the Pope. Italy will suffer a major revolt and will be cleansed by a great revolution. Russia will march on Rome and the Pope will be severely endangered".

Enzo Alocci: "The Pope will disappear temporarily and this will occur when there is a revolution in Italy."

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi: "Religion will be persecuted and priests massacred. The Holy Father will be forced to leave Rome."

The mystic Maria Steiner: "The holy Church will be persecuted, Rome will be without a shepherd."

The revelations of Garabandal: "The Pope will not be able to be in Rome, he will be persecuted and will have to hide."

To Fr. Stefano Gobbi, mystic and founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady confided: "The Masonic forces have entered the Church in a disguised and hidden form, and they have established their headquarters in the same place where the Vicar of my Son Jesus lives and works. It is being done as is contained in the third part of my message, which has not yet been revealed, but it has already become clear by the same events that you are living."

Pope Paul VI: "The smoke of Satan has entered through the cracks of the Church" (Homily of June 29, 1972).

According to St. Paul, the antichrist will manifest himself just after the Pope to be cast aside, "But the one who restrains is to do so only for the present, until he is removed from the scene. And then the lawless one will be revealed." (2 Thessalonians 2: 6-8).

Canon Roca, the excommunicated Illuminist who collaborated on the infiltration against the Church, wrote: "In its present form the papacy will disappear, the new social order will be implemented from Rome but independently from Rome, without Rome, in spite of Rome, against Rome. And this new church, which might not be able to retain anything of Scholastic doctrine and the original form of the former Church, will nevertheless receive consecration and canonical jurisdiction from Rome."
The new church will support the unification of religions and the false peace, fulfilling what was said by Jesus Christ in the sense that even the elect could be deceived.

Karol Cardinal Wojtyla was very clear when he declared, before the Eucharistic Congress in Pennsylvania, in 1977: "We are facing the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever had. We are in the final contest between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence and is a challenge that the whole Church has to accept."

If Benedict XVI's resignation was null by fault, the Conclave was invalid because there never was a sede vacante. That fact poses a pressing question: will not Benedict XVI remain the Vicar of Christ in the eyes of God? Will it not be Benedict XVI who has to flee from Rome in the midst of persecution? These are questions that will be resolved over time.

In 1917 it was revealed to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, the revelation that had Pope St. Pius X a few years before, only in an even more precise form: "We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling it was the Holy Father, flee a city in ruins trembling with halting step." []

The version of Fatima even further points that it could be of the Pope who resigned, Benedict XVI, and would explain the phrase "We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling it was the Holy Father." If it had been evident that it was the reigning pope, they would have said so in an undeniable way. Instead, they saw a "bishop dressed in white". They never could have imagined the theme of "resignation", so only had "a feeling".

The second element is even more precise and revealing: they saw him fleeing "trembling with halting step," which may be due to his advanced age.

And a third element is also revealing: of the same bishop in white that earlier they see fleeing Rome, they affirm later, at the time he is killed on a hill, that this was the "Holy Father".

Following the flight of the legitimate pope, the antipope will remain in Rome leading the "new church", supporting the apostate union of religions. This is the "abomination of desolation", foretold since ancient times by the prophet Daniel, established in the holy place.

In the words of Cardinal Luigi Ciappi, personal theologian to Pope John Paul II: "The Third Secret refers to the loss of faith in the Church, i.e., the apostasy which will emerge from the top of the Church."

Only two things are certain at this point: for the first time in history there are two Popes in Rome, and Benedict XVI is more present than ever. Suffice it to recall some of his last words while still in the Seat of Peter: "You will be close to me, even if I am hidden from the world." — Benedict XVI, Address to the Roman clergy, February 14, 2013

More secondhand info, which, if true, advances the Canon 125 thesis: