Tucho reinvents JPII morals

Fernández Wants To Replace John Paul II Morals

Tucho besame mucho Fernández, also known as “kissy”, offered an assessment of Veritatis Splendor VS (The Splendor of Truth), John Paul II’s 1993 encyclical on moral teaching.

VS condemns "situational ethics", stating that some acts (e.g. abortion, homosexual acts, etc.) are intrinsically evil.

Tucho led PillarCatholic.com (July 17) to believe that VS is limited and therefore "not the most adequate text to encourage the development [= perversion] of theology.”

He believes that in the past something “went wrong” in terms of theological “development” because “there were controls” [which is the hallmark of Francis' tenure].

“Today perhaps, a text will be needed that, collecting everything valuable from Veritatis Splendor, has another style, another tone, which at the same time allows for encouraging the growth [= degradation] of Catholic theology, as Francis asks of me.”

Tucho is reinventing historic Protestantism, such as the Anglicans, Lutherans and others that have already applied Tucho's recipes and now exist only on paper.