All Hell Will Soon Break Loose On Earth.

Carbonia 13.08.2023

Shortly Hell will be unleashed on Earth.

My children, this is the last page of a time less painful than that which awaits you.

Beloved ones, I tell you these words to make you understand that you must make the wise decision to save yourselves by returning Me, to Him who is your Creator God.

Life on Earth is about to change its appearance,

the Devil will soon manifest his great madness!

The Earth will be shaken in all its parts,

the hurricane of death is coming:

Satan wants to destroy man along with the Planet he inhabits.

My beloved Sons,

do not doubt these words of Mine, lest you then find yourselves bewildered when you are confronted with events.

Verily, know that My intervention is coming soon.

The floodgates of the heavens will open!

Thunderbolts will strike the earth!

My children have sided with Satan, against their Creator God!

My People! Beloved My People!

Back to Me, today you cannot even begin to imagine what Satan is about to give you....

a world of death has been prepared for those who will not repent.

This false freedom you have been given (by Satan) will turn into slavery, ...

you are not free at all My children,

the project of the accursed Serpent is to dazzle you with his false lights to make you fall into his deadly net.

My people! Beloved Children of your Father,

it is with immense sorrow that I tell you these things, ...

not to frighten you, but to open your eyes.

I desire your salvation:

Operate according to My directives,

return to your Creator God!

Release yourselves from the infernal chains of Satan!

You do not have much time left, My children, the games are played;

it is urgent that you provide for your salvation: convert!!!

Ask forgiveness for having offended your God Love.

God the Father will rejoice with joy for every son who returns to Him repentant and, embracing him with love, will say to him, "Behold, My blessed Son, your Father forgives you; you, too, enter to enjoy My Kingdom of love and eternal happiness, prepared for all God's children!"

Do not waste any more time, I tell you and I repeat: shortly Hell will break out on Earth.

You have little time to ask My forgiveness for your sins and save yourselves! Amen.

God saves!