The Act of Love that Saves Souls


Dearest Little One:

At night, when you go to rest, pray to your good guardian angel that while you sleep, he may be loving Jesus in your place and that he may awaken you the next morning by inspiring you with the act of love (Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls). If you are faithful to pray like this every night, he will be faithful every morning to wake you up with a Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls!

Begin your journey in this way, continue loving until you meet Jesus in the Eucharist. This does not mean that you should stop praying. No, continue also with your usual practices of piety, but do not add any other; let your act of love absorb every part of your free time and, if Jesus inspires you, also some of your vocal prayers.

In holy communion, trust, abandon yourself, your worries, your projects, your desires, your sorrows to Jesus and think no more; because the whole life of a Little One is based on the divine promise: "You think only of loving me, I will think of you and of all your things, even in the smallest details". (Copy these words on the back of an image of the Sacred Heart, to keep them always present; this will help you a lot to free your spirit from all worries and you will experience how Jesus is faithful to keep this promise).

After having abandoned everything to Jesus in Holy Communion, renew your promise of the unceasing act of love, of the "yes" to all that He will ask of you throughout the day and the intention to see Him, speak to Him and serve Him with love in all the creatures you will meet.

Set once and for all the intention that your every act of love will go up to heaven as a supplication to obtain for you the fidelity to continue it uninterruptedly until the next communion and be as a reparation for each of your infidelities.

You will leave the church beginning your act of love which you will continue on the way home and in the performance of each of your duties.

Notice that Jesus has promised: when you write, pray, meditate or speak out of necessity or charity, the act of love continues as well.

At work, if possible, have written before you on an image or a small card: "Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls". It will serve you as a call.

Among the obstacles to give Jesus the unceasing act of virginal love, Jesus himself teaches us to fight against three: useless thoughts, interests, useless talk. Thoughts, worries, everything becomes useless, from the moment that Jesus promises his Little One that He will think of everything, even the least. Useless chatter: if we are not obliged to speak out of duty, charity, convenience, it is time wasted, which robs love. Interests, curiosities, etc., everything that separates the spirit from the only thing to which you are obliged: to love Jesus unceasingly and with virginal love.

You need to convince yourself that in order to fulfill the divine desire: "You must not lose an act of love and an act of charity from one communion to the other", the work of your soul, sustained by grace, will be long and will require no little time, generous effort and constancy and above all, never be discouraged.

At every more or less voluntary infidelity, renew your resolution of virginal love and begin again. If this infidelity makes you suffer, offer it to Jesus? What an act of love! You will see and you will verify with how much tenderness Jesus will lift you up after a fall, an infidelity; how he will hasten to put you on your feet, so that you can continue your song of love.

What will help you most to give Jesus the unceasing act of love will be to renew the purpose in every hour and secondly, the particular examination on that.

Remember that, the particular examination on the incessant act of love, will point out as lacking only the time wasted in useless chattering or in following fantasies, useless thoughts, etc. Repent and continue quietly to love.

But the purpose to which you must devote all your energies will always be about the ceaseless act of love. But fear not, Jesus will help you. He has said: "Love me and you will be happy, the more you love me, the happier you will be".... Courage, Jesus and Mary will help you.

Never be afraid, trust and believe in his love for you.

Sister M. Consolata

Fr Angel Peña