Vaxx-related turbo cancers are contagious

Scientists warn that vaxx-related turbo cancers are contagious and behaving exactly like a bioweapon.

Scientists are warning that vaccine-related ‘turbo cancers’ appear to be contagious and are spreading from vaccinated individuals to the unvaccinated.

According to Dr. William Makis MD, as the turbo cancer epidemic continues to sweep across the world among those who received the experimental mRNA jabs, family members of those affected are now also reporting that they are developing the same cancers – even if they are unvaccinated.

Dr. Makis says he has witnessed 12 different families, some of whom received the deadly vaccine, all develop ‘Turbo cancers‘ at the same time. According to Dr. Makis, this is clear evidence that the vaccine itself is actually a man-made bioweapon designed to wipe out vast swathes of the population. reports: And while we certainly don’t expect that anything will be done about this ‘genocide‘ being carried out before our eyes, especially with these murderous devils now pushing Americans to ‘get their new vaccines and boosters’ to be available by the end of September, at least Senator Rand Paul has filed a criminal referral in Washington DC against Dr. Anthony Fauci for allegedly lying under oath about the origins of Covid-19, though with criminals in the DOJ protecting these genocidal mass murderers in the Biden administration all the way to the bank, we’d be fools to expect that referral to go anywhere.

So why, suddenly, all across America and the world, are people, often very young and healthy individuals, mysteriously ‘dropping dead in clusters?‘  If there truly were ANY JUSTICE AT ALL left in America, we’d be witnessing the trials, convictions and executions of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the ‘biden crime cabal‘ for still pushing these ‘kill shots,’ yet they’re still not only ‘walking free‘ but preparing to unleash their next round of genocide upon Americans and the world.

The story written in great detail by Dr. William Makis, MD titled “Families that inject mRNA together, develop Turbo Cancer together – 12 unbelievable stories of two or three family members developing aggressive cancer at the same time!,” also republished here in full by Dr. Paul Alexander, gives us a bombshell argument that these ‘vaxxes’ were indeed ‘death shots.’ 

Breaking down 12 different stories of Americans now suffering devastating cases of ‘turbo cancer‘ together, with one family member being diagnosed with these deadly cancers soon after another, these doctors ask “What did the ’10 Horsemen of the Apocalypse‘ know and when did they know it?” Asking also ‘did they know they were bringing death to the world yet did not care?,’ if its found that these demons who launched the ‘death shot’ upon the world did indeed know they were carrying out genocide, new Nuremberg trials and the DEATH PENALTY for all of them is long overdue. 

Please take a look at all of these cases, with links included to the original sources and pictorial proof as well, and then try to say that this is only just some kind of crazy coincidence. An extended excerpt from this story.: 

On May 27, 2023, I wrote a substack article about multiple COVID-19 vaccinated family members, who died suddenly. 

Now, I am starting to see multiple COVID-19 vaccinated family members develop Turbo Cancers (often stage 4) and their stories are shocking and difficult to believe. 

July 18, 2023, San Juan Capistrano, CA – Parents of 3 children, Zak and Cori Salazar were both diagnosed with cancer, mom Cori with an “aggressive form of thyroid cancer” had two surgeries and dad Zak was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 Astrocytoma and just had surgery (click here)

July 23, 2023, Davenport, FL – Michael Ruopoli was just diagnosed with “cancer of the blood”, presumably leukemia, after developing a whole body rash while his mother is currently battling Stage IV Lung Cancer (click here)

June 29, 2023, Baraboo, WI – Three family members develop cancer! – Both of Jessica Dominguez’s parents have been battling end stage cancer, her mother fighting lung cancer last 4 years, and her father diagnosed with late stage Colon cancer in March 2023. Jessica Dominguez herself has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor! 

June 26, 2023, Brampton, ON – Daniel Siewdass and Ferria Siewdass were both diagnosed with high grade cancer, Daniel with brain cancer glioblastoma and Ferria with high grade breast cancer (triple negative). 

June 26, 2023 – Brazil – 37 year old mother Heliana Barbary was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2023 and within 20 days her 18 year old daughter Emanuely was diagnosed with a rare Hodgkin’s lymphoma tumor in the lungs

June 6, 2023, Agoura Hills, CA – Julie Ranoa and her mother Janis Ranoa have both been diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time 

And those cases are just a few of the cases listed, with many more examples of families going through turbo cancers together seen here. How many Americans and people all over the world are developing turbo cancers together after having been ‘vaxxed‘ together? (ANP Update: This story of rapper ‘lil Tay’ dying along with her brother appears to be a hoax according to this new Page Six story!)  This many young people dying and family members simultaneously developing cancers is far too many.  

And meanwhile as all of this is going on we learn that the ‘death lab’ in California we reported upon back on July 31st in this story titled “‘Perfect War’ Waged Upon America With Infectious Agents Found At Bio Lab Near California Military Base Including Malaria, Rubella, HIV And Hepatitis – ‘Just The Tip Of The Iceberg’ – Over 900 Mice Found At ‘Bioweapons Delight’ Weaponized To Carry Diseases” that the lab, having been fully funded by the American taxpayer, was fully known about by Biden’s FDA. Talk about the American taxpayers funding their own deaths and destruction. 

So with the biden crime syndicate clearly carrying out genocide upon the American people and people all across the planet, fully believing they’ll get away with it and nobody will ever hold them accountable, all of the commenters on this ‘Turbo Cancers in Families’ story see the big picture.: 

Liz – Genetic engineering is the culprit of all of this disease! Scary and very very sad 

KLZ – The families may have went to get the shot together and the batches were bad (worse than most) and that is why it’s in the same family. The photos show beautiful, loving families. This is heartbreaking. 

Bridget – Do you think the ClotShot deniers will have an explanation for this? Don’t be surprised. Such as, well, they probably all had meals together with the same chemical laden foods or sat in the backyard under the chem trails enjoying each other’s company one too many times. Anything but the jabs, you simpleton. 

Carol Louise – I have a friend whose niece and nephew died in the same week. They were in their 50’s. Brain, liver, kidney damage. A double funeral. Horrific. 

Michael Edwards – They will give the same answer they gave about the teenagers dying suddenly! “This has always been happening it was just not talked about that much! Young people have always just up and died with no explanation, it is not as rare as you might think!!!” Which is 100% total bullsh!t because I have never heard of young people just up and dying for no damn reason!!! This is the very definition of cognitive dissonance when you absolutely CAN NOT see what is sitting right in front of you because your brain tells you it can’t be the jab causing it so any and every other option is the truth, not the real truth which is your government is killing you!!! 

Hamish Dawson – Mind boggling that people can accept that people dying suddenly whether myocarditis or turbo cancer from the age of about 14 to 70 is normal. Two former colleagues died in their early sixties and this seems to be happening all over the place. Life expectancy in Western countries should be falling quite significantly, but I don’t expect to see this reported either by governments or the media. 

Sophie Bertrand – I’m so saddened by those stories… how many more stories of family members all developing serious health problems simultaneously like cancers, heart and circulatory problems, or all members fighting very different illnesses that appeared at the same time after their jab? Are they even suspecting it’s most likely jab related? We’ll never hear of them, but the tragedy is still happening… God bless those souls…

Each of the videos below take looks at the topics discussed within this story, including the final video which warns the globalists are already preparing their next ‘plandemic‘ in an attempt to regain control of the masses who are no longer falling for their ‘COVID‘ lies, with COVID and the series of vaxxes that have followed, now sickening and killing family members in clusters, clearly bioweapons to kill off as many people as they possibly can as they seek to take total control of the world, with only ‘We The People’ now standing in their way.