A catastrophic event is going to happen

Lucas Gelásio

A few months ago, a nun from the North East contacted me, after speaking to her superior, asking for my help in discerning whether some phenomena occurring in her life were of divine origin. I analyzed it carefully and everything seemed to be in line with the Church's criteria. I prayed for personal confirmation and God quickly granted my request.

Little by little, I'll pass on her stories to you. I'll start with a dream the nun had on the night of June 17th.

In the dream, she was sitting in the monastery talking to two sisters. One of them got scared and pointed to a high window. Outside, where no one could reach, there was a young man of about 15, dressed as a choirboy in a red tunic and white surplice.

The nun got up and, together with a sister, approached the window. Her friend asked:

- Who are you?

He turned to the northeastern nun and, with a fixed gaze, replied:

- I come from Purgatory. I was a choirboy when I was alive and I have come with God's permission to reveal to you that a catastrophic event is going to happen in the world. It will cause great pain to all of humanity. But don't be afraid, the Lord tells you that he will be with you. Before this event happens, there will be a huge rainbow, which will be seen all over the world. It will be the sign that announces the pain, but also the hope that the Lord will be with you. I tell you this so that you will know that this event will be the beginning of the end of this age.

Then he woke up. It was about ten minutes to midnight. Stunned, she began to pray and picked up her Bible. She asked her Guardian Angel: "If this dream is a truth that has been revealed to me, confirm it for me, I beg you, whenever you want, through the Word of God." Immediately and clearly, the answer came to his heart: "I confirm it, open it now!" Obeying, he opened the Bible and found Matthew 24.

The revelation recounted here reminded me of Our Lady of Garabandal's prophecy about a phenomenon in the sky which, according to the seer Conchita, begins with the letter A and will be seen by the whole world.

Let us always be aware that God brings us these warnings to remind us that he has everything under control, even in the most difficult times. United to Him, we will have strength and nothing will disturb us.