Archbishop calls JP II a bad theologian

Archbishop Calls John Paul II Who Promoted Him, a Bad Theologian

Retired Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, 78, twice in his life met a woman he could have imagined as a wife, he told RTÉ Ireland (August 31).

He is still in contact with one of them. Martin says he entered the seminary in 1962 at the age of 17, but, “I was totally immature.”

He was ordained in 1969 “to a different Church [he admits] and to a different world.” Now, he complains that "married priests" or a priest "being in love" were never mentioned in the seminary, "We were never trained for celibacy.” He describes his seminary at Clonliffe as “miserable” and “dreadful”.

When asked the obligatory question about condoms, Martin answered to the complete satisfaction of the sex-obsessed RTÉ activist, pontificating that it was a “bad theology” of John Paul II to ban condoms as intrinsically evil. Incidentally, Martin owes his ecclesiastical career to this bad theologian.

He defends a situational ethics that allows every crime to be turned into a heroic act, and accuses his mentor of an "extraordinarily narrow, dogmatic understanding" that uses "principles" [what else?] and allegedly doesn't look "at the broad circumstances in which a situation is taking place, and the struggles that people have to face.”