Death camps for the people who refuse to take vaccine shots

August 30, 2023: (St. Augustine)

Jesus said: 

“My people, I desire that My people pray every day for the saving of souls, especially in your own families.  For those people, who have not read of St. Augustine, he had a troubled life in his early years when he was not following Me.  It was his mother, St. Monica, who prayed persistently for thirty years until he was converted to the faith.  This is a strong lesson in persistent prayer when St. Monica prayed patiently for her son.  Some souls require prayer and fasting to be converted.  In some cases it takes years of dedicated prayer to bring someone to Me.  Do not give up on any soul because I hear your prayers and your intentions.  Your wife prayed over forty years for her father’s conversion which happened as he died. It is  your persistence and confidence in praying for souls that is well worth your long endurance to keep praying for conversions.  Your prayers will not go unanswered as I see the holy intention in your hearts to save difficult souls who are being misled by worldly distractions.  Trust in Me so you can convert your family’s souls during the six weeks of Conversion after the Warning.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this sword as a sign of the coming persecution of Christians.  The evil ones are setting up detention center death camps for the people who refuse to take vaccine shots, and for those who will not take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in the body.  With this next pandemic virus, your officials will make a decree that everyone has to have a vaccine shot, and if you do not have proof of your shot, they will take you to the death camps.  

After the digital dollar is in place, you will soon see another decree that everyone will need to take the computer chip in the body.  Before these evil ones will threaten your lives, I will bring My Warning and My six weeks of Conversion.  So refuse to take any vaccine shot, and refuse to take the mark of the beast under any circumstance.  I will give you an inner locution that it is time to come to My refuges.  I told you to leave your homes within 20 minutes so the evil ones do not force shots or the mark of the beast on you.  Trust in My angel protection at My refuges, but be prepared to come quickly to My refuges when soon your lives could be threatened.”