Archbishop Justified Homosex Funeral

Archbishop Justified Homosex Funeral For Anti-Catholic Activists

The vice-president of the Mexican bishops, Archbishop Gustavo Rodríguez Vega, has justified the November 14 homosex funeral of two homosexual activists who allegedly killed each other the day before.

Rodríguez said at a November 16 press conference that the homosexuals were “children of God and our brothers” and therefore “we could not, in any way, not receive them in the Church.”

He added that the family wanted them to be taken to Aguascalientes Cathedral. Rodríguez said that "we respect" the homosex flags draped over the coffins, "if they place these flags, that meant so much to them.”

“There is no problem,” he believes, because “there was no intention to offend anyone.” And, “they are also welcome to all the services that the Church can offer.”

One of the two dead homosexuals, a judge (!), regularly offended Catholics by posting a picture of himself dressed as Our Lady on social media.

Rodríguez is a hypocrite: If they had been two devout Catholics asking for a Roman rite funeral, they would have been refused.